If you have this Valentine’s Day, may happiness be with you

Wenxian | surprised ninja team may we between text and gazed at the gaze of, each other warm.When the coldest days of the year are over, valentine’s Day is a warmer and more romantic time.On this day, roses, rings, chocolate, soft words, warm words, sweet honey, intertwined into a group, like a huge pink dream, covering the hearts of pairs of lovers.This day, there are so many flowers on the street in front of you shake, the price is really not cheap, spoony would like to have a man righteously bought a send will come over.Unfortunately, most of the men now “calm” “mature”, easy not to be fooled by florist senseless injustice, of course, also do not want to “shallow” to pay attention to these “form” things.So, for many years on Valentine’s Day, the roses were someone else’s and I had nothing.We who once thought that only girls, immature as our generation, could remember the rose of February 14.However, I heard a melancholy male voice singing a song about Valentine’s Day from a cassette that day, which sounded much better than his song “There are no cars in heaven” : “On Valentine’s Day, I have no lover, and I pick a bunch of roses from dusk to morning alone, and I don’t know whom to send to…”It seems that men who have the right to send flowers and their thoughts are sad that they can’t find the owner of the flowers.Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in China. It falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, when the cowherd and the Weaver girl meet at a magpie bridge.But in the sky of this city, the golden wind has been hard to find;The modern that lives in network age, day and night together also does not quite have the opportunity to experience unbearable lovesickness bitter.Love needs both a down-to-earth approach and a romantic surprise.February 14 belongs to the lover, to the passion, to every young heart.If someone says “love” to you on such a day, cherish it as long as it is true;If someone brings you red roses in this season, accept them, as long as they come from a petal of love.If you have this Valentine’s Day, may happiness be with you.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to white Horse amazing Sword

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