How to determine the amount of oil to check their own car burning oil

If the oil level of the car is below the minimum level every 1000km under normal driving conditions, it is likely to be burning oil.- Pull out the oil ruler – check the oil level -2, observe the exhaust gas when normal running, the car exhaust blue smoke, that means the car burning oil.Or in the foot accelerator, the exhaust pipe has a lot of blue smoke and a pungent smell, it is burning oil.How to avoid burning oil in your car?Burning oil is not a good thing, in addition to some of the original engine damage, our general cars can avoid or reduce burning oil through some small skills.Because the oil has a shelf life, replacing the oil on time can ensure the cleanliness and lubrication of the engine. If the oil is not changed beyond the maintenance cycle for a long time, the engine will be in the working state of dirty oil lubrication for a long time, and the engine lubrication will accelerate wear and tear if it is not enough.2, the use of the right label of oil here is the right label of oil, did not advocate the pursuit of high grade of oil, why?For new cars, we prefer to use the oil label recommended by the manufacturer, because it is tested by the manufacturer according to the engine seal clearance, which is naturally reliable.If the new car uses high viscosity oil, but because of poor liquidity, the oil film cannot be formed, the lubrication of the engine is not enough, and the engine wear is aggravated.After the car ran 100,000 kilometers, if you feel that the car has a slight burning oil phenomenon, then it is not too late to change the high grade oil. 3. Replace the air filter regularly if the air filter is damaged, there will be large dust particles into the cylinder, which will speed up the wear of the cylinder, causing the burning of oil.Similarly, we should be careful when choosing high flow air filters.An oil leak is an oil leak.General engine cylinder gasket, oil pan gasket, sealing ring damage, crankshaft before and after oil seal, camshaft oil seal damage, or fastening screws loose, will cause oil leakage or oil seepage.- Engine oil seepage – of course, if you do not pay attention to driving, the oil pan hit rocks and other obstacles, the oil pan broke, the oil leakage will be very serious.The event will run from February 10, 2022 to February 10, 2022

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