How ambitious is Li Yuan?Just look at the names of Li Yuan’s four sons!

In the history of the tang dynasty in our country, as the founding emperor tang gaozu’s reputation seems to be smaller than the name of the account of his son, and the sui dynasty last years of the war, many people stay in the sui and tang dynasties heroes in the novel, think that the establishment of the tang dynasty by account through the battlefield in the bunch.Li Yuan seems to be enjoying himself!However, the history of Li Yuan can not be simple, How ambitious Li Yuan?Just look at the names of Li Yuan’s four sons!Li Yuan was a nobleman from generation to generation. His father died at the age of seven and he became the duke of tang.And Li Yuan is a wine off, tolerant people, in the Establishment of the Sui Dynasty, Yang Jian’s trust and experienced a lot of wars, and a good record.Later, when Emperor Yangdi ascended the throne, the Sui dynasty began to fall rapidly, and uprisings broke out all over the country. In the process, Li Yuan continued to expand his power. In 617, Li Yuan raised an army in Jinyang to rebel against sui Dynasty, and took advantage of Yang Guang’s visit to Chang ‘an, and made Yang Yu the emperor of Sui.In 618, Yang Guang was hanged by rebels, li Yuan also took the opportunity to force Emperor Gong to sit in his own, changed the name of the tang dynasty, is the Tang Gaozu.At this point, some people may say that Li Yuan was able to establish the Tang Dynasty step by step because of Li Shimin, who fought everywhere for him.Of course, li Shimin certainly contributed to this, but as the military head of a military group, didn’t he have to make many strategic decisions by himself?If Li Yuan himself did not have a grand plan, in such a troubled world, not to say meritorious service, even if want to protect life is not an easy thing!Now let’s look at the names of Li Yuan’s four sons.Li Yuan’s eldest son Li Jiancheng, his second son Li Shimin, his third son Li Xuanba (named Li Yuanba in the Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties), and his fourth son Li Yuanji, no matter how to analyze these four names, all have a grand ambition to make the country peaceful and govern the world!For example: Li Jiancheng meaning meaning Li Yuan hopes he can open a state, a successful career;Li Shimin symbolizes that Li Yuan wants his second son to be able to help the world and secure the people.And Li Xuanba shows that Li Yuan wants to unify the world in the future.And Li Yuanji is a symbol of the beginning of the new era after Li Yuan unified the world.Therefore, to say li Yuan’s ambition, can be said to have been ready to move in the Sui Dynasty!But he never thought is, their sons are not simple!Especially the second son Li Shimin, ambition compared to his father even more than!So it led to the xuanwu Gate of the tragedy!This may also be the biggest strategic mistake of Li Yuan’s life!Because according to historical records, when Li Yuan jinyang raised an army, he promised his second son Li Shimin that he would appoint him crown prince after he succeeded one day.However, li Yuan later forced Yang Yu to establish the Tang Dynasty behind him, but he broke his promise and appointed his eldest son Li Jiancheng as crown prince.This is certainly unfair to Li Shimin.And more those who let Li Shimin be annoyed is, after eldest brother Li Jiancheng becomes a prince actually still do not stop, want to unite unexpectedly li Yuanji of 4 younger brother gets rid of him!This holds the li Shimin of heavy army to hand for, it is forcing him to turn over undoubtedly!So, the change of xuanwu Gate in history happened like this!The xuanwu Gate rebellion was the most serious infighting in the Imperial family of the Tang Dynasty, which cost Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji their lives and completely isolated Li Yuan as emperor.After the rebellion, Li Yuan was forced to appoint Li Shimin as crown prince.And soon after the succession to Li Shimin, he was reluctant to do the heart of the emperor, such an outcome, who is the fault?To make up, no one is wrong, wrong is Li Yuan’s ambition is too big, gave birth to the son unexpectedly all like him, not disorderly just strange!

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