Employment day settlement?Watch out for people!

Hiring!Simple work, daily pay only need a few steps to register, immediately to account!Is that really a good thing?In October 2021, the network police of Bao ‘an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong province found in their work that some criminals advertised in wechat groups in the name of “receiving meal ticket invoices on behalf of others” and “recruiting workers for daily settlement”, soliciting people to apply for enterprise digital certificates (CA).A digital certificate is a cryptographic technology that combines policies, regulations, and security management. It is used by individuals, organizations, and devices to identify themselves in network applications.Then, the criminals resell the digital certificates of these people without their knowledge, and the upstream gangs register a large number of shell companies, sell or issue false invoices for profit, and engage in criminal activities of black ash industry.In view of this situation, Shenzhen police attaches great importance to it and immediately set up a special case team to investigate.Classics thorough and meticulous study judge, task force locked very quickly with Shen Mou add, Chen Mou peng and other people headed criminal gang.Classics check, Chen mou Peng recruits downline personnel, by downline solicit social personnel to deal with CA digital certificate to regular business outlets.Deal with good in accordance with the requirements of Chen Peng, will deal with a good CA digital certificate sent by someone to another gang Shen Tim designated place.Shen tian on the other side of the recruitment CA digital certificate on the Internet for business registration, registered company, and the registered company information sold to Chen Peng, Chen Peng will be the registered company information and resell to others for profit.Through careful investigation, the task force gradually found out the organizational structure, operation mode and criminal evidence of the criminal gang.In December 2021, the task force rounded up the gang and arrested 16 people including Chen Mou Peng and Shen Mou Tian, seized 16 electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones, 763 CA digital certificates and 108 mobile phone cards.After examination, the above personnel knew that the customer used the registered enterprise information to engage in false invoice, fraud and other illegal and criminal activities, but still kept inviting social personnel to register CA certificates for resale.According to statistics, the gang had acquired more than 700 pieces of personal information to deal with industrial and commercial legal entities before being captured, and had accumulated illegal profits of more than 400,000 yuan.At present, the gang Chen Mou Peng, Shen Mou Tian and other 16 people have been taken criminal compulsory measures according to law, the case is still in the further investigation.Image capture materials | | network guangdong Internet police to edit | Ye Cai grace – END – (source: bureau of the Ministry of Public Security may be)

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