Don’t open a link when you get a text like this…

“Your medical insurance has been discontinued, please go to ****** to apply for the electronic version…”If you have recently received a text message saying that your health insurance card is out of service and you need to replace it with an electronic version, be on your guard.Shaanxi province medical insurance bureau remind such messages to scam messages do not credulous recently, recently in shaanxi province to have people to receive such messages, clicked on links, jump page, provinces and cities with the national health insurance bureau web site security bureau official web pages are very similar, but contains a Trojan virus link, if according to the prompt of the page and fill in the information such as id number, bank card number,May lead to bank cards, health insurance accounts stolen brush, this shaanxi provincial security bureau reminds: this kind of information, do not believe!Please be vigilant and take precautions to protect your information and property, and do not click on strange links.Shaanxi Provincial Medical Security Bureau reminds that it has never sent such notices in the form of text messages. If you receive such messages or find fake websites, you can complain to the National Anti-fraud Center in time.At the same time, please enhance the awareness of prevention, careful identification, do not provide personal information at will.If you need to verify, you can go to the nearest health insurance agencies at all levels for face-to-face consultation.Source: Shaanxi TV News

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