After the child was subjected to compulsory medical treatment…

Speaker: Zhang Jianmei Unit: Procuratorate of She Autonomous County, Jingning, Zhejiang Province Post: Director of the Third Procurator Department Speech: “More attention means more hope” “You are too careful, the case was finished after the child was forced to medical treatment, thank you for caring so much about me.Recently, when I sent the judicial assistance decision book and condolence to the home of a retired veteran, He thanked me repeatedly.March 18, 2021, suffering from schizophrenia blue Wei because of the onset of the idea of killing grandpa Blue, then kicked blue door, raised a knife to its head, the left arm cut, resulting in a number of injuries to Blue, serious injury grade two.Through judicial identification, LAN mou Wei committed the crime during the onset of mental illness, has lost substantive ability to identify and behavior control ability, was identified as no criminal responsibility.At the end of July 2021, with the gavel falling, LAN Mou Wei was legally decided by the court to compulsory medical treatment.In the process of supervising the execution, my colleagues and I came to visit Mr. LAN at his home. I noticed two yellowing photos hanging on the living room wall of a man wearing a military uniform with the words “People’s Liberation Army of China” printed on it.After inquiry is informed, the person in the photo is blue mou.”I joined the army in 1955 and a cannonball grazed my scalp in battle…”Blue grandpa also found his retired army card, excitedly about the experience of joining the army to fight.When we talked about his grandson LAN Mou Wei, the old man immediately choked up, “the family is poor, these years for his treatment has borrowed a lot of money, now I really can do nothing.”Looking at his slightly shabby home, I feel very uncomfortable.Subsequently, I contacted the county veterans Affairs Bureau, civil Affairs Bureau, street office and other relevant units to further verify The living conditions of Blue, our hospital gave Blue 10,000 yuan of judicial aid.However, the procuratorial organs alone after all, the rescue efforts are limited, through communication and coordination with civil affairs departments, civil affairs departments decided to give blue a minimum insurance treatment.After this incident, I deeply feel that the closure of the case does not mean the end, the prosecutor should do a good job in handling the case “the second half” article, more attention, maybe there will be more hope and warmth.(Compiled by reporter Shi Jun, correspondent Wu Jing) Source: Procuratorial Daily

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