Wives are responsible for the three “iron evidence” that men are uninterested after 50

All say a man forty a flower, this time is not only a physical or psychological aspects are very mature, especially in that respect is very energetic, but little imagine, when a man to 50, gradually will appear a watershed, this time is in middle-aged and old times, but also have to admit that the body is inferior to mature.Why is this so common for many men at this age?Is it because of illness or something?When it comes to this topic, many people will feel very sensitive, actually don’t need to, we have a normal physiological phenomenon, normal breeding, from nuwa empress there unchanging truth, male is also one of the important people that maintain a family, sexuality everyone is popular, many people will ask, to 50 men, tired?Is it getting old?This has to do with many other factors besides the human organism.This is normal phenomenon, as the growth of the age, the consumption of time, when the man reached 50 such a belongs to the special period of menopause, the body does not have to be motivated energy, there is thought, there may be some things affect the mood, gradually become not mention about anything fun, but as long as through this critical period, gradually will be ok,Or it may be that the momentum of youth has passed, or it may be because of some illness.Several important factors that may cause male interest loss is as follows: first, an addiction you know wine itself is not a good drinks, if you like to drink, and also can’t control, we should pay attention to, ethanol is incarnate of hypnosis people, easy to produce alcohol dependence, alcohol is associated with lower testosterone leels, has a chance to induce prostatitis, sexual dysfunction.Second, side effects of drugs because some diseases have to be taken to maintain the body, such as some cancer patients, or cancer patients, especially depression drug ingredients, can reduce sperm motility, also reduce libido.Third, obesity overweight obesity is one of the important culprits inducing cardiovascular disease, there are also many people suffering from diabetes because of excessive obesity, the hormone in heavy people is often disorder, low testosterone level, will affect sexual desire.What can be done to get back to normal?In my opinion, effective exercise and exercise are the lubricant of both husband and wife. The most important thing is for the wife to encourage her husband and comfort him. Some small plans can be made, such as:1, travel together, honeymoon again private get along with space is also one of the important factors affecting the normal play of men, and his wife together to enjoy the world of two, deepen feelings, but also improve sexual desire.2, give up smoking and drinking, healthy diet, green diet men like smoking and drinking this is a changed fact, but you want to, these two things accounted for no good for you, not only affect life, but also affect the dignity of a man, it is better to eat more healthy whole grain vegetables, conducive to the body to restore health.Therefore, when a man reaches the age of 50, he needs more care and understanding, and most importantly, companionship. Only with the joint efforts of both husband and wife can he create a good and happy life!(Note: the picture comes from the network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete.

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