Snow in the spring, the villagers spring ploughing for sowing to send fertilizer to the field, the mother to the children do new clothes New Year pictures

The restored hd New Year pictures are uploaded every day, and the appreciation and interpretation articles are updated every day.Each work is restored by hd, without adding any watermarks, commercial signs and advertising ICONS, to ensure that the clean and refreshing New Year paintings, posters, posters and other works, authentic dedication to friends.The title of this New Year painting is Trying on New Clothes. It was published in 1959.The scene of the women trampling on the sewing machine and busy making new clothes for the children without eating or sleeping, and the children happily trying on new clothes, makes me feel familiar and intimate. The past of childhood comes to my mind with the ups and downs of life.At that time, rural families generally had many children and large families, so every family lived on a tight budget.Every few days before the Spring Festival, the biggest worry in the family is to buy new clothes for the children. The sisters have to dress up from head to foot, but they do not have so much money and cloth tickets, so they cannot sleep all night.A few nursery rhymes circulating in the countryside can best reflect the excitement of children looking forward to the New Year: “Looking forward to the New Year, nian comes, wears new clothes, wears new hats, and children set off firecrackers all over the street.”The most joyful thing is that on the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, the mother will put a new suit of clothes, shoes and hats on every child’s pillow.Woke up in the sound of firecrackers, the children took off the ragged clothes they had worn for a year, ecstatic to dress up from head to foot, call friends to run out to pay New Year’s call and set off firecrackers.In bursts of laughter, who can realize that this is the mother worked hard several nights, a line of hand-stitched masterpiece?In those days, very few families had access to a sewing machine, so it was common to buy and sew their own cloth.Actually at that time, because the clothing is very nervous, many families can’t be a year in the new clothes, more is the boss wear small, repaired change for # 2, # 2 worn-out, connect old patchwork again, the youngest child in the home, pick up my brother sister’s old clothes to wear for granted and responsibility.Although it looks a little eye-catching, I never feel ashamed or embarrassed to wear it out, because my friends almost wear it all the year round, and their conditions are almost the same.Looking at this old painting from decades ago, I vaguely saw the shadow of my childhood and remembered the touching poem “The line in the hands of a loving mother.”Look back at the past, is really surging, feeling myriad ah!2. The title of this New Year painting is Flying Snow to Welcome Spring. It was created by shi Huifang and published in 1975.After the snow, the sky is blue, and the whole village is covered with white snow, becoming a snow-covered, especially enchanting world of ice and snow.On the street on both sides of the big pagoda tree branches hanging clusters of golden corn on the cob, tianyi keep clean out of the side of the road with a light purple gravel pavement, and families new red couplets on the gate, door frame on a line of colorful, unfurled the door depicting, make the whole village Was pretty hilarious, everywhere permeated with snow of festive atmosphere.The streets flooded with a cheerful and energetic labor force, men and women, old and young, some driving tractors, some driving carts, some driving carriages, some pushing carts, tramping on snow, loaded with farm manure to the fields in preparation for the spring plowing and sowing of the production teams.Everyone’s face is like spring breeze, smiling, full of hope and pursuit of winning agricultural harvest and creating a better life.Flying snow spring to send fat busy moving labor scene, surging with spring tide, coruscated with vitality, stirring vitality, sowing hope, become the most eye-catching, the most spectacular and also the most lift gas a beautiful scenery.3. Interpretation and appreciation: This New Year painting is titled “Yuxin Ren, Part Farmer, Part Reader”. It was created by artist Ye Qzhang and published in 1965.Summer morning, when the members of the village changed, the village head road appeared in succession the 3322 members of carrying a variety of tools, and is about to start a day big cattle farming, green grass shade on the hillside, trees lush hills, the village dogs, large chicken calls lowing of cattle, as well as people’s laughter,Draw a rich rich pastoral atmosphere moving picture scroll.A female elementary school teacher with short hair, wearing a red badge on her chest, led her pupils to join the field labor team.Some of them carrying schoolbags, some carrying abacuses, some carrying baskets, some carrying farm tools, bright red scarves reflected a brilliant smiling face.The s, many rural primary and secondary schools to implement tillage and read (or half farming and reading) education system, students are learning in class in the school at ordinary times, unified the busy farming season 10-20 days or so rush off, such as holiday of holiday of busy farming, the autumn harvest, the students to the production team to participate in collective labor, some important dry up grain, after collecting sweet potato peanut can do farm work,On the one hand, reduce the agricultural busy season members of the labor pressure, on the other hand, exercise the students practical ability, master some primary labor skills, aimed at cultivating a new generation of civil and military, red and professional construction of a new socialist countryside.This piece of fresh color, vivid image “half farming, half reading education new People” propaganda painting theme works, expressed the children love collective, love of labor fine quality and good heart.4. This New Year painting titled “Food for Grandma First” was created by painter Meng Yangyu and published in the 1980s.In golden autumn, clusters of peony and chrysanthemum flowers are in full bloom. You feel like entering a garden full of flowers and colorful flowers.The boy, with thick eyebrows and strong head, sat smiling among the flowers. In front of him was a fruit bowl filled with fresh seasonal fruits, including purple grapes and red apples, with a mouth-watering fragrance.A thoughtful look appeared on the boy’s face as he carefully selected the largest bunch of grapes, plump and full.What was he thinking?Oh, it turned out that he wanted to give grandma the biggest and sweetest bunch of grapes to eat first. What a polite and sensible child!This educational New Year painting teaches and guides children to develop good habits and excellent character of filial piety and respect for elders.See more restored hd New Year pictures, posters:Rural youth to marry marry daughter-in-law, decorate newly-married bridal chamber like to stick the beauties of ancient costume drama smiling pictures of pretty girl in red to start the pump, the implementation of artificial rainfall irrigate crops honest good pictures LiuYi and beautiful gentle dragon female marriage of New Year pictures, praise of constancy in love the young man was rated as advanced workers on the honor roll,In March, fashionable sister-in-law and pretty girl are doing New Year’s pictures of family cleaning in a farmyard

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