Learn some tips from a closet organizer

On January 15, 2021, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China officially announced that “finishing and receiving division”, as a new subdivision of the household service industry, is integrating into People’s Daily life with a new identity.Jinan love finishing studio founder Cao Xiumei is one of them.Cao Xiumei introduced, sorting out the work is not as simple as the literal meaning.Professional collation and storage division needs to combine people, items and space according to the existing spatial pattern of the customer’s home, the number of items and the use habits of each family member, and give a reasonable collation plan.After good consultation with customers, and then carry out the actual door-to-door sorting work.Although organizing a family wardrobe can cost hundreds or even thousands of yuan, there are many consumers who are willing to pay for it.Most people prefer to spend money on “expertise” rather than expending energy on something they are not good at.During the interview, Cao xiumei shared some daily organizing skills.Public newspaper · Rural public reporter Sun Jia

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