Heart to heart and love to reach the future!Zhuji students to welcome the Asian Games

In order to create a campus sports atmosphere, cultivate students’ sports spirit, and cheer for the Hangzhou Asian Games, the primary and secondary schools in Zhuji city organized a variety of “welcome the Asian Games” themed activities.Champion into the campus, movement without limit card head town central primary school welcomed alumni, Asian championship rowing champion XuanXuLian, she returned to his Alma mater to intern teacher of physical education, with the children in class, training, funny games, sing team song, chose a national anthem to enhance the collective sense of honor, the children with her for example, fell in love with the sport, also full of looking forward to the arrival of the local Asian games.Shop MingCheng mouth town primary school from the “implementation ShuangJian” to strengthen the students’ comprehensive quality, held the first “school cup” swim meet, dozens of small athletes took part in the men’s and women’s 50-meter breaststroke, breaststroke kick, men’s and women’s 50 m freestyle, freestyle kick, men’s and women’s 50 m backstroke kick multiple projects, to participate in the games competitions for the event in the form of preheating.Juan Hollywood hills, the sea bright primary school, primary school time new town central primary school, huan east streets, city primary school with “celebrate the games” as the theme, the cervix games tournament, basketball, football tournament, 5 sets of campus fuck game, PaoCao fitness activities, let the students have fun in sports competition, enhance physical fitness, healthy personality and exercising the will.Fengqiao Town Central Kindergarten and Feida Kindergarten of Huanjiang Preschool Education Group organized an interesting sports meeting to welcome Asian Games. The children awakened their bodies and stimulated their vitality through sports such as “Caterpillar dash forward”, “Cross over”, “Take off happily” and “challenge themselves”.Meichi Primary School in Diankou Town and Nanping Primary School in Datang Street have organically combined “welcome Asian Games” with “double minus”. Fun sports such as double rope skipping, stone crossing, nine links and goods relay have been included in evening care to cultivate students’ enthusiasm and habit of sports.With the opportunity of Asian Games and the requirement of “double reduction”, Mencius Primary School of Yingdian Street town and Central Primary school of Shanshanhu Town have introduced traditional folk sports such as shuttlecock kicking, hopscotch, walking on stilts, rolling iron hoop and dancing bamboo horse in after-class services, so that students can feel culture and build up their bodies.Kite festival was organized by Heji Primary School in Huandong Street and Tangshan Wanxiao School in Taozhu Street with the theme of “Playing kites to welcome the Asian Games”. Students mastered folk making skills through kite drawing, kite making and kite racing, and expressed their good wishes for the smooth holding of the Asian Games.Taozhu Primary School in Taozhu Street organized students to watch videos to learn about kite-making, encourage parents and children to make and fly kites together, and promote the “double reduction” between home and school, so as to exercise children’s ability to use hands and brains, and bless the Asian Games.Yangmeiqiao Primary School in Dikou town carried out the themed activity “Welcome the Asian Games, Fly your dreams”. The children ran on the playground with all kinds of kites, comparing the beauty, height and duration of the kites, and sharing their successful experience freely, which also infused the spirit of fair competition and common progress of the Asian Games into it.I hope that under the guidance of teachers, the students of Zhibu Primary School in Yaojiang Town will cut out the words of “Rhythm spring, welcome the Asian Games”, the vigorous athletes in the air, and the lifelike mascots of Hangzhou Asian Games, so as to express their joy as hosts and carry on the intangible cultural heritage culture.Huandong Primary School held the drawing competition of “Gathering together to welcome the Asian Games, Red Sailing to the Future”. The children drew the mascots of the Asian Games, their favorite athletes and the beautiful and magnificent venues full of childlike interest.Looking forward to the arrival of the Asian Games in a stroke.Huanjiang Group Chengxi Kindergarten organized children to enjoy cherry blossoms, walk, dance, laugh on the grass, chant the Asian Games slogan “Heart and heart, love to reach the future”, feel the spring, grow up strong and strong.With the theme of “Be strong and love your hometown, get along with Asian Games”, the junior school organized students to walk in Longshan Mountain. Students could get to know the scenery of their hometown, get to know the flora and fauna around them, and get ready for the Asian Games.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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