A woman is to play with you, or to you move the heart, from these three points, you can see

Woman is a play with you, or moved sincerely to you, from these three points, they can tell whether a man or woman, has a wonderful yearning for love, if only in your life, met a like of the person also just like yourself, then, go hand in hand together in the spring and autumn, have not junior iii, and only this life altogether hoary head.However, such a simple demand, not everyone can meet, also not meet can stay together.Some women, obviously in the heart like very much, is not to say it, but let the other party to guess.For careful man: no matter you say and don’t say, he can see from your eyes, and get along with the movement, and chat words to distinguish, you are playing for him, or move the heart.For a careless straight man of steel, even if he and you like the same, he will not guess, he can not guess you are playing him, or really love him?So, some people encounter not necessarily can have.So, how do you tell if a woman is flirting with you or is genuinely interested in you?This answer is not complicated, in fact very simple, as long as from her three points, can be seen.One, you move a true person, the time is ripe, will take you to meet her parents.Love a person’s power of love, is extremely powerful, strong to no one, nothing, can stop the heart of the fervent love.Especially for a woman, as long as she is sincere to a man, relatives and friends can not dissuade, their parents will slowly persuade, persuade them to respect their choice, accept their loved one, recognize him as their son-in-law, half a son, and give blessings.A woman moved to your heart, not to play with you, but want to marry with you, want to hold hands with you forever mutually dependent.A woman to you move sincerely, her heart must not hide your love, but let parents, relatives, friends, girlfriends know: she found willing to pay for themselves, they are willing to put down everything for him to love.As long as you agreed, she would pick a date and take you home to meet mom and Dad.Just want to play with your woman, she will not tell anyone about you, because, she just want to play with you, so, there is no real relationship between her and you.2. Privilege of Intimacy A woman who truly feels for you gives you the privilege of the most intimate of intimacy to enter her world, to participate in her life, to be part of her circle, to enjoy her tenderness, to touch her tiny hands.This is not a privilege that she would give to just anyone, and it is not something that anyone can get when they want it.But to have the same hobby with her, the same ideal, the same goal, two-way love, only deserve to have, she will give.If you meet a woman who gives you the privilege of intimacy, you should cherish it and never let her down.Do not betray her heart, do not betray her love, do not live up to her expectations of you, do not live up to the privileges she gives you.As the saying goes, true love is rare in life. There is no reason not to cherish the person who truly loves you.Only cherish, you have endless happiness.Only cherish, you will not disappoint others, also will not disappoint yourself.Three, hand in hand marriage to you moved the heart of the woman, not just with you to enjoy the sweetness of love.But sweet at the same time, and you enjoy the flowers and under the will also weaving the dreams of the future together with you, plan for the future of yearning, although this will take time to do this, but she can hand in hand with you into the marriage, in the long life of wind and rain, working together with you, sweat with you, together with you wish to make my dream come true.If a woman just enjoy the romance of holding hands with you, enjoy the sweet talk of qinghuan, never talk about marriage with you.Then what she says about liking and loving you is a show of false affection for the mere amusement of you.A woman is to play with you, or you move the heart, from these three points, you can see “who is not true”.In the future, whether to continue, their own decision, no matter what kind of decision, do not regret, the road is their own choice, no matter how difficult also want to go on.

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