The second round of nucleic acid testing will be carried out in key areas of Hohhot for 37 confirmed cases

At the press conference.On the afternoon of February 18, Hohhot held the fourth press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control. According to the press conference, Hohhot organized nucleic acid testing in key areas from 15 o ‘clock on February 17.As of 14:00 On February 18, a total of 37 local confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported in Hohhot, including 11 in Xincheng District, 1 in Hui District, 3 in Yuquan District, 7 in Saihan District, 5 in Tuzuo Banner and 10 in Wuchuan County.The vast majority of confirmed cases have been detected through nucleic acid tests conducted by quarantine personnel.At present, all confirmed cases are being treated in isolation in the Fourth Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After expert consultation, 11 cases are ordinary type, 25 cases are mild, and one case is severe.As of 14:00 on February 18, 2022, 1,631 close contacts and 989 sub-close contacts had been screened, and quarantine measures had been put in place for all of them.Related investigation, testing and tracing are in progress.According to the press conference, Hohhot will carry out the second round of nucleic acid testing in key areas at 15:00 on February 19, with identification cards and smart phones.Those who do not have smart phones must carry their id cards and write down their names, ID number, home address (specific to the house number) and contact number on the paper in advance.During nucleic acid testing, masks must be worn for personal protection.”1 meter line” should be strictly implemented between waiting personnel to avoid crowd gathering and cross infection.Follow the staff’s command during testing.In order to do a good job of nucleic acid testing in key areas of Hohhot and safeguard the health and safety of people in the city, residents are requested to accept nucleic acid samples in a timely manner according to the notification of their communities or units.Avoid unnecessary flow before nucleic acid test results are issued.When nucleic acid test results are negative, orderly flow should be carried out on the premise of personal protection and aggregation activities should be minimized.Statement: In addition to the special description of the original content, the text, pictures, audio and video of the push manuscript are all from the Internet and major mainstream media.Copyright belongs to the original author, if you think the content is infringed, please leave a message below the article to contact us to delete or pay the manuscript fee.Contribution: Xiaobei welcomes talented partners to contribute, there is a very rich remuneration yo ~ follow the wechat public number Beijiang Women’s Voice, reply keywords, learn more.Or directly add xiaobei wechat: Beijiangns, looking forward to your arrival ~

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