Manchu tiger and big bull have had another final battle on Changbai Mountain, but that’s because bull has taken such a brave step to save the bull herd

In the farmer’s yard by songhua Lake, we had a strong drink of liquor with old brawled knife, which pleased the shepherd Cao Qingshan, and started talking to me about the second bull fight that broke out in the bull gulch last year, imitating that of Shan Tianfang.He said, “There are two flowers in the flower, let’s listen to what we have next time — Manchu Tiger and Manfaliyet bull. Because we had a fight in June 2020, we have had feud.On the 16th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar in 2021, the tiger and the ox met again in the Tiger Valley under Kangda La Mountain.What’s this called?This is called “is not the enemy do not get together”!★ The cowboy cao Qingshan river drinking water, looked up and saw the tiger staring at him Cao Qingshan gestures:Words I Cao Qingshan, day like sun wukong in the flat peach garden full of the heavenly queen xiantao, reclining in a big heavy oak tree limbs, listen to the whole time, “the legend of yue fei”, Mr ChanTianFang suddenly feel thirsty, turn over quickly under the tree, came to the tiger cattle ditch in the river, jump to the center of the flat stack stack, a large stone on stone,And slurped his head out into the water.I drink and think, this tiger cow ditch river water is sweet!Suddenly, as he drank, he saw the shadow of a big tiger reflected on the calm water.I was scared out of a cold sweat, is it blind?I dared not drink any more and forgot to look up. I just lay on the water and stared at the clear shadow of the tiger.It’s as level as a mirror, not even a tiny ripple.The whiskers of the tiger on the water, the fanged mouth, the eyes staring at me, the tan fur, the black markings, the tail wagging behind…I can see it all.I was petrified. Cold sweat ran down my face.I lay prone on the stone and slowly raised my head and looked forward.Oh my God!As expected, there was a big tiger standing on the other side of the river, eyeing me menacingly. When I looked up at him, he even tilted his head and purred twice.When I looked carefully, I realized that it was the same tiger that had challenged the bull to run into its white head last June.Yes, I named it “Gorgeous”!Cao Qingshan said, I was scared silly, lying on the rocks in the river with his head up, dare not move, certainly like a crocodile climbing on the rocks.You don’t have to laugh at me.I still get goose bumps when I remember how it felt to be stared at by a tiger that day.”Gorgeous” see I look up to see it, actually instantaneous also not instantaneous stare at me, neither attack, also did not go away.But it kept on growling to me in a low voice: Ang!Leon!Leon!”Gorgeous” roar sound seems not big, but I saw its belly a flat is a shock eardrum roar issued, shock my eardrum buzzing.It “ang” a sound, my body on a shock, crotch on a wet.I laughed, but he said, Don’t laugh at me.Peeing in my pants was out of control.”Gorgeous” see ME not move, it also not move.I don’t know if he thinks I’m dead or if he’s ready to attack him.Actually, what is it that I don’t want to move?But dare not move at all!”Gorgeous” saw that I had been lying motionless on the rock in the middle of the river and began to threaten me.It moved slowly along the bank, but kept its eyes on me and kept growling in a low voice.It looked terrible, as if with a single leap it would jump to the rock in the middle of the river where I lay.The river was no more than six metres away, a small distance for a tiger like Multicolored.Suddenly, “beautiful” seemed to lose patience, want to launch an attack on me, I saw its hind legs a little squat, but again shout to stand straight body, twist the head to look at after death.Seeing the trapped bull, the bull raised its horns and rushed to the tiger. Thank God!Cao Qingshan said that it was bull White head that had come to my rescue. But just when manchu was about to jump on me on the rock in the middle of the river, I closed my eyes and mumbled, “My life is over!”Suddenly, there was a sudden clink of cowbells in the woods behind the tiger.The sound was quick and hurried, with the pounding of the ground.Close call, close call!At the moment of life and death, the tiger “Gorgeous” immediately turned back and observed the movement behind him.Help had arrived.It was none other than Big bull White head, which had had a fight with manchu, a wild tiger, last June.At that time, White Head was grazing the ripe grass seeds on the other side of the river, suddenly heard the tiger “colorful” low voice roar.In last year’s world War I, Baiitang firmly recorded the revenge of the claw, after It scratched baiitang’s butt.Now the howling of the tiger, once imprinted in his mind, immediately aroused his alarm.Small kind!I “white head” didn’t go to you, you tiger dare to hit my cow herd idea.This is not revenge on cattle!Then, The “white head” long moo, erect horns, toward “gorgeous” rushed…Painted a tiger “colorful” by “white head” into the river Cao Qingshan through wine strength, continue to describe to me that a tiger cattle – say, the war of the bull “white head” moo call a sound, like a meat tank, rapidly toward the tiger “colorful” collision, the impact, with the wind, hail streak, power and it was devastating.Along the way, all those egg-thick sapling along, were all buzzed down by it.Seeing the “white head” lowered his head, holding out his horns, staring at the bull’s eyes, and spraying bull’s spirit, the tiger “Gorgeous” no longer looked at me, immediately jumped with a roar and deftly jumped five or six meters away.Sorry ah!That was so close, bull didn’t kill a tiger with its horns!Whitehead almost ran into the river.A large earthen cliff on the bank crashed down into the river.I took the opportunity to get up from the river rock and jump back to the bank.However, when The tiger, Wang Ming, who had just escaped, saw white Head almost dive into the river, it gave a roar and attacked it.When a tiger is angry, he bleeds five paces!While it was flying, it spread the ten claws like hooks in the palms of the two tigers and patted them against the “white head”.This lunge is over a thousand pounds.As soon as the tiger’s paw landed on white Head, it would seize it firmly and take advantage of the opportunity to pull white head to the ground.This is the tiger’s usual tactic.Whitehead has accumulated combat experience.It bears in mind the last eat of the deficit, the body does not shake motionless, a low cow head, toward the “colorful” struggling to swing, the body take advantage of the situation twist follow up, passive defense for active attack.That’s the force of the beating of the head, if you stick a bull’s horn, like a steel cone, into the breast or belly of a tiger, and then give it another blow, even the bravest of tigers will have only half its life.Seeing that the horn was unstoppable, “Gorgeous” hurriedly jumped and splashed into the river, barely escaping the fatal blow of “White head”.★ Tiger attack, tiger cow from the river hit the bank of the cowherd Cao Qingshan continued to show and say — now, “white head” missed, did not stop, also jumped into the river, again to “colorful” tiger attack.It is determined to regain last year’s “gorgeous” claw revenge.Moreover, the tiger does not deserve the title of king of beasts.As soon as it saw that bull was taking on such an aggressive attitude, it took the second action of the tiger to take retreat into advance.Just as the bull had jumped into the river, but failed to attack, it turned back again.Those tiger claws are creepy to watch.”White head” see accurate, do not retreat reverse into, erect a pair of horns toward the tiger “gorgeous” belly from the bottom up pout.The thrust of the horn was like a bayonet. When it reached the tiger’s chest, it would break its ribs and thrust it into the tiger’s chest.If you pick the belly of a tiger, you must break open the belly of the tiger and pull out its intestines.The tiger is not only brave, but also wise.It never does this kind of desperate fighting.Seeing that the oxen with white head were unstoppable, Ma Na leaped swiftly to the shore.White Head continued to fall short with a powerful blow.★ Tiger defeated, again active retreat Cao Qingshan continued: the atomic bomb mushroom cloud is not blowing, Taishan is not pile, the tiger “king of beasts” name is not white call.I see. The tiger is a real warrior.I saw the tiger “gorgeous” roar, there is a clear sky a thunderbolt, shook my ears very painful very painful.In the blink of an eye, we saw the bull’s butt being grabbed by a typical tiger.”White head” think “gorgeous” is old trick repeat, want to attack its ass again.Having suffered a loss last time, she could not suffer a loss this time. She made a quick turn, and instead of twisting her buttocks, she began to thrust herself sharply upward.”White head” think this potential in the win, did not expect “gorgeous” is to enter for retreat, virtual swing a gun, while “white head” twist to resist the moment, people stand up and will be a twist, shout ground 1, from the battlefield, toward the depths of the woods rushed.The shadow of the tiger was gone when the bull chased it to the top of the mountain.I didn’t expect my power to be in the air.As soon as the bull looked at the tiger, it had already fled 50 meters away and was gone.”White head” great anger: fight not to win want to run?No way!Then she gave a moo and began to chase him, just like the red-eyed bull demon chasing monkey sun in Journey to the West.The tiger’s tactics are “fight if you can win, leave if you can’t win”, and never fight a battle that you can’t win.Now withdraw from the battle, will not let you “white head” overtake!With a few leaps, it darted up the hill.When “White head” panted to catch up with the hills, there was no sign of the tiger “Gorgeous”.It let out a loud moo of anger and crashed headlong into a big tree on the top of the hill, rattling its top.As if in response to the “white head”, a “multicolor” tiger roar was heard from the distant mountain beams, with a vigorous and long voice.Cao Qingshan said: there is always a top.That is the end of the second fight between bull and tiger, but to know the third duel between Manchu tiger and manfaliyet bull, let’s listen to our next story!(author’s brief introduction: tian-xiang wang, native of shandong Qingdao, a senior reporter, writer, living in the beautiful plains of northeast China for more than 50 years, published novels and monographs 42 of writing TV series more than 200 sets, creating history, culture, scenery, documentary, such as dozens of special telefilm, published hundreds of articles in various newspapers and magazines, published articles more than thousand in the network.)

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