Early potato grows rich

During the Spring Festival, wushan earth heavy snow, but the production of spring ploughing did not stop because of the snow, in chengguan Town Qingchi, Shandan Town Zhouzhuang, Luomen town Liu Ping and other villages in the plastic greenhouse villagers are seizing the opportunity to plant early greenhouse potatoes, showing a busy scene of spring ploughing.In recent years, the county science and technology bureau attaches great importance to the production of early-maturing potato, Wushan county greenhouse and plastic film cover planting early-maturing potato scale has been expanding, the benefit of increasing production and income is significant, the economic benefit is very considerable, in sichuan vegetable production and promote farmers to increase income has an important role.On the eve of the Spring Festival, through the investigation of the needs of the masses in the planting area, publicity and training, and at the same time, the inspection of the seed potato supply of the seed potato enterprises, and raise 2 million yuan of subsidy funds to transport more than 200,000 kilograms of seed potato, distributed to the potato planting area in river Valley, encourage the masses to expand the planting area, improve the planting level.Up to now, the early maturing greenhouse potato has basically finished sowing, about 20 thousand mu of total sowing, part of warm Xiangyang village plastic film potato also began sowing.Next stage, Wushan county science and technology bureau will organize technical personnel to continue to do a good job of early potato film sowing, seedling after field management and pest control work, to ensure that early potato industry really help the masses out of a “road to prosperity”.

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