The founding general went home to visit his mother, found his mother was about to go out begging, tears on the spot

In 1959, the founding general You Taizhong, who had not returned home for many years, received the news that his mother was seriously ill.He hurried home to fulfill his filial piety, but did not enter the house, he ran into his own eldest brother to help his sick mother out begging!The family life is really not go on, but the mother is afraid to disturb you Taizhong’s work, has not dared to tell him.It’s not a good feeling for you!What makes him even more uncomfortable is that his hometown longgang village, originally had more than 200 families, but now there are less than 40 families left.Villagers dead dead, go away, the rest, only desolate eyes.How did the mother of the grand general end up begging for food?As the son of You Taizhong, how can only then know the recent situation of his hometown?When general You Taizhong saw this, he immediately took out more than 200 yuan. In addition to settling the family, he sent 5 yuan to each family so that the villagers could meet their pressing needs.And this 200 yuan, is all the money on you Tai Zhong.At this time, the county officials learned that the “general” had returned to his hometown, and immediately came to fetch him.You Taizhong did not think much about it, thinking that the local government had come to discuss with him a solution to the difficulties in the county and village.Can wait for him to arrive at the destination to see, the spirit does not dozen a place to come, this where is to look for him to discuss the solution of the problem, this table of wine and food is to “catch wind and wash dust” for him.Look at the local officials in these counties, each one “red face”, and longgang village villagers form a sharp contrast.General You Taizhong, who always valued friendship and integrity, was very angry at the local officials who did not care for the common people. Without saying a word, he left the room full of local officials looking at each other in speechless despair.It was not long before these dead magistrates were removed from their posts.If you learn about general You Taizhong and his past, you will know that general You Taizhong is famous both in the army and in the central committee for his strong character and integrity.Aibing Ru Zi you Tai Zhong was born in a peasant family, a typical “poor family” child in the old times.When he was only thirteen, he left home and joined the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army.He experienced the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the War of liberation, the war to resist The United States and aid Korea, with the passage of time, the poor family’s child also from a “recruit egg son” to become a well-known general.But no matter what level of military commander he was, he always treated his officers and men with “empathy” and love.You Tai-zhong was born as a “poor child”, so of course he did not go to school for more than a few years and did not receive long education.But the miracle was that he could repeat verbatim any military instruction from his superiors, whether it was spoken or written.Many people lamented his “magical” ability and even joked about “paying homage to teachers”.But general You Tai-zhong smiled and waved his hand and said, “I don’t have any skills. I just memorize them many times and tell myself that I must write them down exactly.”Others are puzzled, can not help but ask why he is so “trouble”.You Taizhong said solemnly, “Army fighting is a matter of great importance concerning the lives of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of troops.If I don’t write it down word for word, if there is any deviation, how many soldiers will lose their lives.”General You paused. “Every soldier,” he said, “is the breadwinner of his family. He has a family waiting for him.If they lost their lives because of me, how can I be worthy of those villagers waiting for them to return home!”When the others heard these words, they were all moved with respect.Because general You Taizhong loved soldiers like sons, he often ate and lived with his soldiers, even accompanied the soldiers to drill together, so that he and the soldiers enjoy “equal treatment”.Also because of this, often make superiors to find him, often can not find his “embarrassing thing”.This happened to Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping.On October 1, 1949, a brand-new China stood up in the world with a brand-new posture.However, what many people do not know is that there were still many Kuomintang troops in the southwest of China at that time.So the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army continued to fight in the southwest, including You Taizhong and his men.In November 1949, a month after the founding of new China, the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army (PLA) pushed into Chongqing. At that time, you Taizhong was the commander of the 34th Division of the Third Corps, which took part in the battle to liberate Chongqing and won the victory.One day, Liu Bocheng and Deng Xiaoping called to ask for You Taizhong, but could not find anyone.Finally, it was his immediate boss, Wang Jinshan, who answered the phone.Wang Jinshan said to Liu Bocheng with a smile, “Ask You Taizhong. His division is soaking in the rain in the streets at this time. He must be soaking in the rain with his soldiers.”Listen to this return, Liu Bocheng, Deng Xiaoping temporarily between stunned, what situation, division commander accompanied soldiers in the rain?Du Yide, who was also on the phone, smiled and shook his head. “If one of his soldiers gets caught in the rain on the street, he will accompany him.You Tai Chung is such a person!”Liu bocheng and Deng Xiaoping looked at each other, a little incredulous, so he sent Wu Ying down the street to look for it.This search, as expected, found the dignified division commander and a group of ordinary soldiers together, chongqing in the pouring rain standing jun march, motionless.In many people’s eyes, You Taizhong is very “axis”, but it is his love of soldiers like a son, the importance of love and justice “axis”, so that he is loved and supported by the army.Of course, you Taizhong’s loyalty is not only to his soldiers, even in the “unfavorable” environment, when treating friends, he is also a strong character, justice.In 1964, You Taizhong’s boss and good friend Wang Jinshan, who had been successful in the war and had a promising future, was dismissed from all his posts, expelled from the Party and even sent to the countryside for reform because of the lifestyle problems caused by the “divorce case”.Wang Jinshan, who had been proud of himself, suddenly became a “plague”, which was shunned by everyone.However, This was not the case with Wang Taizhong.When he heard that Wang Jinshan was coming to Nanjing, he rushed to meet him at once.Wang Jinshan saw once subordinates and friends, or as at the beginning of the general respect for their own add, intimacy is not reduced, at that time between mixed feelings.Until his later years, Wang jinshan was still obsessed with this incident.After that, some media wanted to write about Wang jinshan and approached many people, but all of them avoided him.Only You Tai – chung invited the media to his house and talked for hours.Regardless of external judgment, the heart has a “balance of friendship and righteousness”, this is you Tai Zhong’s person.It was not only Wang Jinshan, but also Xu Shiyou and Deng Xiaoping who felt guan Yunchang’s “Youtaizhong” friendship.General Xu Shiyou is a big filial son, after death in order to accompany in the mother’s side, want to implement burial, practice their “live faithful, dead filial piety” oath.However, it was 1985, cremation was prevalent, although General Xu shiyou was approved, but this was the only case.General Xu Shiyou became the only founding general to practice “earth burial”.But even with the central government’s approval, the issue is so sensitive that many people are afraid to touch it.At this time, zhang Taizhong, without avoiding suspicion, sent people to the remote mountains and old forests to get two nanmu, day and night to Nanjing, fulfilled Xu Shiyou’s wish.In Zhang Taizhong’s heart, no matter “pull not implicated”, heavy feeling heavy righteousness of him, just want to in their own way, send once comrade-in-arms last journey.This was true of Xu Shiyou, and it was also true of Deng Xiaoping.Deng returned to Beijing in 1973, but the Cultural Revolution had not yet ended and he had not been rehabilitated.So, to protect themselves, many former friends stayed away from Deng when he returned to Beijing.At this time, general You Taizhong heard the news of Deng Xiaoping’s return to Beijing, did not avoid suspicion, together with Su Zhenhua, Li Da, venture to visit.Upon seeing Deng Xiaoping, General You stood to attention and saluted him.Deng Xiaoping was moved and worried about them. “How dare you come!” he said.General You Tai – chung said, “No matter when, you are always my commissar!”Heard, Deng Xiaoping eyes slightly red, speechless.Later, he received a few cigarettes from You Tai Zhong, and was momentarily puzzled.Only later did I know that this was after seeing him smoking inferior paper cigarettes, you Tai Zhong, who knew he was a good smoker, got a few good cigarettes and hurriedly sent them over.Deng Xiaoping, it is said, immediately lit it, smoking and exclaiming: “Good!Good!”Do not know what he laments is smoke is good, still laments such as you taizhong general so people warm “good”.After the death of General You Tai-zhong, someone saw a pair of paperweights on his desk. There were two sentences on them: “The product is between the bamboo and the frame is above the plum.”That is probably the best description of the general’s life.He spent his life in the army and devoted himself to the peace of his country.He heavy feelings heavy righteousness, a character, not afraid of secular, to treat friends to the true to the pure, to treat subordinates to the feelings to the nature.Such a heavy friendship, character, both the achievement of a generation of founding generals, and “model” into an ordinary, flesh-and-blood you Taizhong!

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