“I want to report it!Our dean has been having inappropriate relationships with several women for a long time!”

Netizens broke the news that Yu Mou, president of a hospital in Lincang City, Yunnan province, was reported by his colleagues, saying that he and a number of beautiful young women, long-term improper relationship between men and women.According to public information sources reported by the commission for Discipline Inspection, yu Jie, the president of lincang People’s Hospital in Yunnan province, is known for his lust for money and evil spirit.Because of serious violation of discipline and law, was the commission for discipline inspection for investigation.At present, has been dismissed from public office and party membership, handed over to the judicial department.Yu Jie, 54, graduated from the department of clinical Medicine of Kunming Medical College in 1989 and was assigned to lincang People’s Hospital as a surgeon.Later, he became the vice president of the hospital and the director until he was arrested.Some people, like people on the stage, every day talk, all kinds of rules and regulations, laws and regulations, the audience is worse than animals, ghosts also know that they can not come out during the day, and these people all dare to come out during the day to harm people.As a doctor, Yu Jie has excellent medical skills and is an outstanding medical talent.But as a dean, Yu Jie did not manage their own desires, the final collapse of ideals and beliefs, on the road of violation of discipline and crime.In recent years, because of sexual lust was reported to fall the dean, there is no lack of people.More and more hospital directors fell at the feet of women.For example, wuxi Second Hospital star president Yi Lihua.In addition to conniving and acquiescing in the use of their relatives’ power to seek personal gains, there is also a corrupt life, and improper relations with others.Before its downfall, Unilever called the industry “the hero of China’s medical management industry”.During his tenure, He was awarded numerous honorary titles such as national Outstanding President and Advanced worker of national health system.These awards, not flashy, but high value, require very solid real work and really outstanding ability.However, such an excellent hospital management expert was still unable to get out of the mud, and finally lost in the face of temptation and deviated from the track of life.For example, the former director of a hospital in Guangdong Yang mou, was posted to report the corrupt style of life, as early as when the doctor in the primary health center, his wife during childbirth, with a female nurse with the hospital adultery, made the city full of wind and rain, the Director of Yang was therefore criticized.He finally divorced his wife.Unexpectedly, the dog changes not to drop the trouble that eats excrement, its 2 marry before long again be in love with new and old again, very soon with director of female of department of gynaecology and obstetrics make up for adultery, bring about two women outside the home to produce conflict to scuff in the hospital for many times.As a result, a doctor in the hospital could not bear to look at him and felt it was too indecent. He reported his lifestyle problem, and eventually the director was dismissed.Another example is Liu Songtao, former president of chongqing Third People’s Hospital, who loves to write a “sex diary”.Not only does he like to play with women, but he also likes to write down detailed and explicit stories in his diary.For example: “One day I picked up a woman for dinner, after which we went to her house, in bed…””I had a really boring day at the office, and THEN I called so-and-so and asked her out for a night out, and we went to dinner and…”.He also transcribed in his diary “intimate” text messages from women.How disgusting is this Dean Liu?When arrested, just out for pleasure, investigators on the spot in its body found a condom he just used.Do you call it gross?Director Liu claimed to have “female popularity”, take “love luck”, hide can not hide, it is also no way.I bah!I am an ordinary little doctor, grow not too bad also, why don’t so many women like me?All women love is your dean’s power!The top of the social food chain is never money, but power, and only power is omnipotent.No matter how bright a candle is, it will have a shadow.No matter how well-rounded you are, there’s always one or two assholes.In fact, between heaven and earth, except Jesus Christ, no one is better than Satan’s temptation.Christians often overestimate human nature in order to emphasize their faith.Overestimate before God, and overestimate before the devil.There was never a man better than Satan.Therefore, it is particularly important and urgent to perfect the system to put the right in the cage.If hospital development is a forward train, the director is the locomotive, but look at some of the large and small hospital directors investigated during this period, many accompanied by adultery, life style problems.Are these groups all bad and corrupt?Should we take a closer look at why this group has these problems?An investigation shows that the abnormal working rhythm and way, with arbitrary authority, tend to make the highly centralized dean gradually out of the normal family life track, onto the road of corruption.Power is easy to let people expand, no matter how good at introspection and strict requirements, once power is difficult to supervise, sooner or later, one day will be on the road of expansion, and will be more and more expansion.The room for rent-seeking power in hospitals undoubtedly provides plenty of opportunities for corrupt directors with crooked minds.At the same time, a large number of temptations can have a serious corrupting effect on the mind, making people who might not necessarily want to be corrupt fall into the trap and eventually fall into the path of corruption.Word by word, confused me forever.Some people go the wrong way for this, some people lower their backs for this, power ah, it is a knife that does not see blood!Do not do the right thing, break the rules, make the hospital a miasma, the staff of different heart, sorrow is greater than the heart of death, people scattered, this is more terrible.Fortunately, anti-corruption is not a passing typhoon, but persistent and regular.Punishment is the most effective means to promote social progress.Because of punishment, people know fear.Road from the absolute place to open raw surface, people to see later step down.How many outstanding medical talents, with the heart of the dream for the horse, and then a head into the vast and muddy night, no longer see.In the medical anti-corruption efforts more and more, more and more strict, more and more deep today, these previous incidents, is worth our every president with authority to warn.If an official wants to do well, he must add bamboo to his management.If it’s not done right, the official will add wood for the coffin.Bamboo and wood, are planted by their own cause, the fruit of choice.

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