Hebei tragic accident: car driver improper operation lead to rollover!A passenger was ejected from the vehicle

Li mou driving a car carrying 2 people, due to improper operation, eventually led to the passenger yuan was thrown out of the car, after the rescue invalid death.On January 31, 2022, the People’s Procuratorate of Yi County, Hebei Province publicly disclosed the case.The same day at 9:30 xu, Li mou driving a small car, along the country road from south to north to yi County village road section, due to improper operation, the vehicle out of control rollover, will be the passenger yuan thrown out of the car, and so and so after the rescue invalid death, Li mou, Wang mou injured, small car damage.Through forensic identification: Yuan xx in line with traffic accident caused by craniocerebral injury death.After the scene investigation, comprehensive analysis identified: Li mou bear full responsibility for the accident, yuan xx, Wang mou no responsibility.Prosecutors believe that Li mou driving a motor vehicle caused a death, its behavior violated the “Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 133, the facts of the crime is clear, evidence is indeed, sufficient, should be investigated for its criminal responsibility to traffic accident crime.Defendant Li mou plead guilty to punishment, according to legal provisions, can be lenient processing.The case will be held in yi County People’s Court in Hebei Province for the first instance.As the Spring Festival approaches, please pay attention to your safety when driving to visit relatives and friends.In fact, there are many reasons for vehicle rollover, I hope we pay more attention to: first, improper speed control, direction adjustment is too large, it is easy to lead to rollover.Two, the weather is bad, such as rain and snow, because there is water or snow on the road, the vehicle is easy to roll over in the fast driving.Three, when the vehicle turns, should operate according to the sign, for example, there is a curve clearly marked “speed limit 40KM per hour”, but some people are turning at the speed of 60KM per hour, so it is easy to rollover.In short, there are many reasons for vehicle rollover, as long as we do not drive fast, to ensure basic safety or no problem.

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