Beijing property market: Indian Summer is coming, just need to improve the move?

Beijing Real Estate Association has more than 10 years of practical experience in the real estate market, has provided investment purchase advice for more than 11,000 families, Beijing is rarely from the macro market into the micro market of every transaction link of the actual experts;Accumulated field survey community more than 10000, more than 1500 trading experience;Help people struggling in the imperial capital to buy a high-quality house, take the bonus of the city’s economic growth, get a certain return!Beijing outperform the market of the house is not more than 20% of our selection ahead of the market concern public number | Beijing Housing will enter the knowledge planet can be asked Q: question: Beijing General Hello;”Asked the new man.I bought a small house in shunyi old residential area in 18 years, and now the deficit is quite large.At present husband and wife work in haidian, plan to buy a house in haidian live ➕ maintain value increase, excuse me 1.Is it necessary to keep shunyi house at present?2. I work near Wudaokou and want to buy a convenient place to work in Haidian. If I sell it in Shunyi, the total price should be controlled within 450.A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust, hello, thanks for trust!1. The value of small houses in Shunyi is relatively weak from the perspective of long-term holding. The time to buy them in 18 years should reach the high point after 17 years, and then they have been in a state of decline.That is, each rise will fall back twice within five years. If we sell now, we will not get a good price. I think we can wait, because there will be a small rebound next year due to good substantive policies.2, work in Wudaokou, less than 4.5 million, if in Haidian to do the selection of money can barely buy a one-bedroom, DO not know how much we hope for the room type, this price is not recommended in Haidian to do the selection of money, one is the living experience is not good, after all, or to live by yourself!Can see the overflow plate, haidian LiShuiQiao, huilongguan, for example, the biggest advantage of huilongguan is formed and west two flags can be seamlessly, west second flag is not a with living area, there is a little production separation, therefore huilongguan become continues the west of the highest quality area, industry to create more employment opportunities, employment attract population, population caused the imbalance of supply and demand.This is the main logic of a regional housing price rise.To the west, Huilongguan can undertake Xierqi, to the east, Wangjing, and to the south, Zhongguancun. The purchasing power of the three industrial parks is strong enough, so Huilongguan has always been the top three regions in Beijing trading volume. Huilongguan is strengthened by the Huilongguan plan, but tiantongyuan is improved more.After strengthening the concept of huilong, with the distance of the industry will attract more code farmers.Future prices will still lead the way;Our budget can buy a big house or small two houses, cost-effective is relatively good, the residential quality of the real estate is also possible, value preservation and appreciation are robust.The commute is ok.Although the lishui bridge has a relatively general interface, it can accept industrial spillovers from the southeast and west directions at the same time, so its value preservation and appreciation is relatively stable.Huilongguan can see somebody else, meteor garden district 2, Beijing three areas, three phase matrix, a golden field Washington period (may be a little bit over budget, but the plate is also look at huilongguan led offer advice), phase ii of beauty, the founder of the first wind tang, LiShuiQiao creek city can look at their homes and Beijing north business circle sorting: huilongguan, LiShuiQiao dish sort: golden field issue in Washington, founder of the first wind tang, from BeijingHome, meteor garden, matrix suggest read planet set-top the essence of the article, the Beijing real estate investment in the core logic and principles I wish everything goes well, have a question to ask I Q: ask: hello, Beijing, new questions, for the first time I see house for three months or so, I’m work in e-town, work is stable, the first first, now look at a few areas, vanke city lights, new dish, Vanke jinyu east county, buy second-hand words, loans may be less, can not buy so big, new dish words loans have some advantages, want to consult Beijing general, these two dishes should how to choose.Thank A: answer: hello, thank you to trust. 1, the entire lake only high-end headquarters, integrates light base area belongs to the e-town new town, planning can range in the beijing-tianjin high-speed is bounded, and the beijing-tianjin high-speed east does not fall within the scope as well new research, the research range of the very few some people to say, the concept of the strategic intention, as well the future is the development direction of southeast can be determined,Why lake is beyond the scope of study, from the dimensions of urban development, can avoid e-town and vice center formed between continuous development, to act as a buffer between the two, ci and requires the purchase of tongzhou, adding a threshold that buy a house, the distance of canal several dish is near the subway doesn’t count, the more just need to plate the subway more important,The advantage is that it is not far from the core unit of Yizhuang, but it lacks the commuting advantage. Now the unit price of more than 50,000 is not competitive in the market, and it will inevitably become the leek plate of Yizhuang code farmers.The advantage of the secondary canal is to build from 0, so the beginning of the sale of a good price, from the point of view of investment in this position of the house is not cheap.Second stage belongs to the boundary between the two lake, chaoyang is focus on the development of the northeast, focus on the development of tongzhou canal is the business centre, as well is focus on the development of southeast new city core unit outside the expansion to the southeast, future so lake this location, it is easy to become a black hole into two development matter e-town area in logic and other area is not the same as buying a house,In other districts, we generally look along the subway station, while in Yizhuang, we look according to the quality schools. The purchasing power is concentrated in the areas with high plot ratio and low plot ratio. This is the principle of real estate investment.Advice seriously reading star set-top core logic and principle, the Beijing real estate investment, as well is the feature of industry is strong enough, so there’s no lack of purchasing power, the average person would think e-town core is hedong, hedong is industrial aggregation + rail transit, but if considered from the perspective of living, hedong is not necessarily the core area, such as international trade, core is guomao bridge area,But the density of international trade is too large, the core of old residential area and office building as a whole, there will be a phenomenon of living experience is bad, so there was no international trade prices DaWang Road the Kowloon hills high double Wells such as wangjing again, wangjing is with live because the area is larger, so the density is good, some quality buildings still more substantial gains, but still lost to the sun palace,Why did Yanggong increase more significantly than Wangjing? The whole area of Yanggong was packed with sub-quality new products, with good education supporting facilities and close to Wangjing, so the purchasing power was naturally not lacking, and the result was that the market continued to outperform.Do you see whether the relationship between Hexi and Hedong in Yizhuang is like that between Wangjing and Yanggong? Therefore, Hexi future is a plot of scarcity in Yizhuang. Its advantages are more obvious than that of Hedong.It belongs to the low-density area and is located in the south central axis, so the future construction will also limit the plot ratio.The advantage of Hedong is industrial agglomeration + subway, but the disadvantage is high density. The current increase of real estate in these two areas is almost the same. From the perspective of long-term holding, Hexi will have more advantages.Vanke Jinyu East county in the whole plate belongs to the quality plate, in the upper is the Jinmao system, the price is relatively high, so this plate in Hexi is a competitive advantage, can be compared with The Sea zi fu;It is suggested to read the article of the top of the planet “Daxing outperform the market to choose the map”, the article has a specific analysis of each real estate and the past rise chart.Total Q: questions: Beijing hello, what do you think of the temple of heaven area house potential for the future is A: answer: hello, the temple of heaven which verify the development mode of old Beijing, public building covers an area of relatively large, for ordinary people in the development of residential and commercial space is small, the east area is general administration of sports, plus some of the old village and give park, surrounded by A on round, the west bridge the richThe whole area lacks commercial facilities. Gymnasiums, schools, museums and hospitals occupy a large part of the land. To the west is Taoranting Park.It is suitable for old people to liveQ: Hello, President Beijing.My judgment is that the housing market ZC bottom is now, but the market effect is not obvious.I’m already doing a displacement accordingly, and it’s going to be a 5 month cycle.The house on hand needs to be sold in February and March. The location is better, which is two houses of the north Second Ring Road.It’s a bit of a dilemma: either cut the price and sell as quickly as possible, or stick to the market price and wait.How do you judge the turnover after the Spring Festival?A: Answer: Hello, thanks for trust!Wishing you a rich and prosperous New Year!The current market is on the eve of the hot market, because there is no substantial ZC landing, so the turnover is not significant.The rising characteristics of the market in Beijing are as follows: the turnover continues to rise, and the transaction price gradually falls;For example, in one community, there are 10 units of the same type of house for sale at the same time, the listing price is between 10 million and 10.5 million yuan, and the market is now in the off-season.Houses are not easy to sell;Therefore, the most effective way to close a deal quickly for the first house is to reduce the price. Assuming that the final transaction price of the first house is 9.8 million, then 9.8 million is the latest transaction reference price in this cycle. In order to close a deal for the second house, the price must be reduced to below 9.8 million.And then the third and the fourth and so on;Right now clinch a deal price falls gradually in the process can appear a phenomenon;Is the volume of increasing;In the volume of a certain magnitude after the price of the community began to stop falling and rise, the volume can explain everything, if the volume of a real estate suddenly increased, according to the actual combat experience of the past, the price of the cycle of the popular business circle will not be more than half a month, the general business circle will be in about a month.When is the right time to sell;Property market rising cycle: divided into early and late;Early is volume rises, clinch a deal price falls.Market change result: there are more available houses, which belongs to buyer’s market.In the middle period, the turnover is rising, and the market changes result: the high quality housing in the community will be gradually digested. There are not many housing options, and the rest are mostly low floors facing the street or apartments with hard injuries.Later can choose less house price is higher, The characteristics of Beijing property market is: rise will adjust;If ZC intervenes at the top of the market, the property market may enter the next sideways phase;If you just need to get on the car, then before the market starts, it is a good time to Amoy bamboo shoots. There are many houses and low prices, which is more appropriate. There is no need to buy on the eve of the market rise, which is relatively riskyFor you, if the benefit maximization do arrangement: now on the eve of the rose, after should be the first to buy to sell, north of the two-bedroom apartment market once the shipment is warm, can catch shipment, when volume increasing price rebound during the suggestion in the target area homes they are willing to watch more, understand the mentality of owner changes focus see area there are several kinds of family,How much is the corresponding price segment, the price segment is high or low, then the corresponding building, floor, decoration difference.Be aware of these differences within your community.After finding out the situation in a small area, the same way to carry out the second, the third.Normally, a piece optional small area 10 left and right sides, can not waste a lot of time.After completing the vertical comparison between the plots.Two or several communities in the same price segment, what is the difference, which will be more beneficial to the future appreciation, what factors may affect the appreciation and so on.Through the above steps you will find that, in fact, the final can choose very little community, basic also 3-5 community.The checking process, can choose different intermediary, in the house at the same time, so you can conveniently select on the mediation, the mediation can find cooperation, they can help you area monitored this several village, once appear appropriate house, as long as the intermediary a short description, you can immediately know that the suite, and in about how many bamboo plate,Is it worth seeing the house and negotiating a contract right now?So you have absolute judgment of the market;The proposal reads the article that the planet places top seriously “Beijing real estate investment core logic and principle” wish everything goes well, have a problem to ask me again.Above questions from the public, | han shu will focus on the public, han shu will enter the “planet” knowledge for questioning, craigslist

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