Wei Xiang’s “genius idiot dream” has come true

Last year’s Spring Festival, “Hello, Li Huanying” rode the dust, also won the 34th Golden Rooster best Actress Zhang Xiaofei.Before the release of the film, in order to better sell tickets, the film chose to put Jia Ling before Zhang Xiaofei in the promotion.However, those who see the film know that Zhang is actually the soul of the film.Promoting a “newcomer” is risky, especially during the cut-throat Chinese New Year season.This year, “The Killer is not too calm” also resorted to dangerous tactics, in only Ma Li to support the situation, secretly put Wei Xiang’s name in the back.The result is obvious — “The Killer is not too Cool” was officially released on the first day of the Chinese New Year, and the box office from the third to the second in the Spring Festival, the number of attendance for five consecutive days, the proportion of screenings also increased in a row.No matter how critical the audience is about the story and logic of the film, wei Xiang’s performance is surprisingly unanimous: Yes!Wei Xiang, Wei Xiang’s Wei Chenggong and Wei Chenggong’s Karl are all in.At the beginning of the film, Wei Chenggong cries uncontrollably when he hears that he has a chance to play the male lead: “Where have you people of insight gone?”This is wei chenggong backlog of years of tolerance and grievance.”Thank you for helping me become the first leading actor in my life,” Wei said in the trailer after the film ended, holding a bouquet of flowers and shedding similar tears.This is Wei Xiang’s release after 23 years of anonymity and quiet efforts.Perhaps the character of Wei Chenggong was originally a dramatic epitome of Wei Xiang’s life.23 years, 43 years old, wei Xiang is not a professional actor, but he loves acting.After failing to enter the Beijing Film Academy in 2000, he had to find a new way to join the political art troupe of the Chongqing Armed Police Corps, where he started acting in the show “Rush to the Scene”.After retiring two years later, the 23-year-old wanted to try again at the Beijing Film Academy, and this time he succeeded.It was also after entering Beiying that Wei Xiang was introduced to Shen Teng by his classmates and entered Mahua Funage.Shen teng said in the interview that Wei Xiang was his roommate and they shared the same goal.He also joked that he was most afraid to share the stage with Wei Xiang, because “his acting is really good”.Such evaluation, Yue Yunpeng also said.Countless people around wei Xiang have been a pity, over 40 years old, Wei Xiang has not waited for his shining moment, and then I’m afraid the opportunity will be more slim.Looking through Wei Xiang’s “acting resume”, you will find that this “drama cast face” has appeared in front of you countless times.In “The Richest Man in Xihong City”, he is ma Daxiang, the football coach who broadcasts “three stutters and a pig”.As it didn’t match the character’s age, he insisted on giving himself a Mediterranean haircut to increase the visual age.When shooting the fall scenes, he literally fell every time and even suffered soft tissue contusions on his arm.In “Hello, Lee Hwan-ying,” he is a station worker with a gun and a stick.With only a few scenes, he manages to capture the soul of his character with such precision that it can be both infuriating and amusing.In Pegasus, he is the owner of a car factory who sings “Glory Days” in plastic Cantonese and “vibrato”.He’s always the icing on the cake in a movie.Small person’s big ambition returns “this killer is not quite calm”, see a paragraph of the teacher of the kingdom of Wei first of do not have object performance.What the audience saw: What Wei Xiang saw: sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, sometimes roaring, sometimes lonely…The performance takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster.In interviews after the film’s release, he described his success as “lucky”.This is probably because he has already done enough efforts, waiting for a “lucky” bar.Some people say that Wei Xiang is a golden supporting role, is the mainland Wu Mengda.But in “The Killer is Not Too Calm,” we can see both wu mengda’s “stupid” and Chow’s “essence” in Wei Xiang: his eyes glow when he is appreciated;Will be in the role, deliberately accentuate the performance traces, incarnate as a bad and handsome killer;In the final sublimation part, knowing that I have been cheated, I still run away from the camera with tears in my eyes and a grateful face…He plays out the paradox of the little guy with the big ambition.On screen, the film tells the story of a fake killer;Look at Wei Xiang, isn’t this the real life version of Stephen Chow’s The King of Comedy?In today’s film and television industry, some people start out that is the peak, with the god-given appearance level of everything;Some people started from 100 yuan a day as a part-time runner, and started from a beat-up stunt double. They thought that they could not get a single line in the screen after decades of acting.One minute on stage, ten years of work off stage.But many people don’t have the “one minute” to look forward to when they work hard.But Wei xiang said: “I love acting, so much so that I can never become famous, I can never play the leading role.”God made talent, all have their use.Fly high, without dreaming.Why seek the dream, the dream of sweet and bitter are empty.Advise you to cherish this moment, since when gratified infinite.When Sam Hui’s Dream of Genius sounded, the stories of countless little people went on besides Wei Xiang.Reference articles: [1] from the unknown in a supporting role to become Shen Teng “threat”, the killer is not very calm, wei zifeng became | time phonograph seasky [2] wei zifeng had a chance to grow up to be the next Shen Teng?| zhihu @ cheng said SIR [3] for 24 years, finally back into a leading role, wei zifeng should fire | sohu

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