Is it because Huang Zitao fell in love with Xu Yiyang?

Is it because Huang Zitao fell in love with Xu Yiyang?The latest romance in the entertainment industry is huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang.Xu Yiyang is an artist of Huang Zitao Company, huang Zitao is the boss, and Xu Yiyang is an employee. Before, when Xu Yiyang participated in the talent show “Creative Camp”, many netizens broke the news that Huang Zitao and Xu Yiyang were in love. However, at that time, the rumor about whether they were in love was just netizens’ speculation, and there was no stone evidence.In Huang Zitao to clarify the two people’s love rumors to gradually calm.But recently was filed again about the love story of two people is because tao was found with a photo of yourself and Xu Yiyang as WeChat avatar, in accordance with the customs of the average person is seldom used in addition to the family and the object of the opposite sex photos do avatar, because if there is no blood relationship is not a relationship, with the understanding of the opposite sex photos do head is easy to let a person get me wrong,Huang zitao is not in a relationship but uses a picture of himself and Xu yiyang as his profile picture, so it’s no wonder that Internet users got the wrong idea.Huang zitao posted five dragon rings on his Micro blog in response to the romance rumors, saying the news was a “mistake” (five dragons).After Huang Zitao responded, some netizens stripped huang Zitao’s game account and Xu Yiyang’s game account are lovers, and the two people got married in QQ flying car.Not only that, famous entertainment paparazzi Zhang Xiao.Han also revealed that there were three entertainment couples vacationing in Sanya during the Spring Festival. The information in Zhang’s cartoon is very clear, and it is easy to connect the protagonist of the cartoon with Xu Yiyang and Huang Zitao.Huang responded to the relationship, but didn’t explain why he had to use a photo of himself and Xu as his profile picture on wechat. He also criticized his fans in the comments section, which made many fans turn off.Huang Zitao, who was born in 1993, is also about to be in his late thirties. As the saying goes, when you are 30, you need to be ready.Most fans are in favor of Huang zitao’s love affair, and some think that huang zitao has never had a love affair before, and they are even more happy about it than their own.Huang Zitao has passed the peak of his popularity when he just returned to China. Although huang Zitao can still act in operas and variety shows, huang Zitao has transformed himself into an agent and become the boss of an agency. The fans who accompany Huang Zitao for so long will not think that the idol in his late twenties will fall in love with him.Some fans to his idol love as undesirable, as long as you find idol love fans will immediately take off powder, but this is typically for those works, the strength, can only be acquired by fans like heat and flow of small love beans, tao this love affair can cause fans large powder because tao is no positive response to the fans really want to know,After denying that the relationship was fake, he then proceeded to insult his fans as if it was their fault that the relationship was revealed.Anyone who uses a picture of themselves and the opposite sex as their profile picture, has more than one game account and gossip Girl game account, will think twice about this situation.Most fans are very tolerant of their idols, but huang zitao’s concealness is exposed to more evidence, and the more it is clarified, the more people will take it seriously.Tao fan off powder most has nothing to do with the affair, if seen tao live is only known to tao is a temper very straight man, talk is also very directly, but fans just want to know the truth of the matter, this is a reasonable request, tao is not necessary to temper with fans, don’t need Dui fans, don’t have to treat as fans as an enemy.Although Huang Zitao is now the owner of an entertainment company, the support of fans is inseparable from huang Zitao’s development in Korea as a member of EXO and in China as a fresh meat of traffic. Huang Zitao’s fame today is inseparable from the support of fans.Being in a relationship won’t make all your fans leave you, but disrespecting them and ignoring their efforts will.

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