Fengda test drive group purchase manufacturer direct supplement 2000 yuan (boutique gift package)

February 19 -20 northeast region 10 stores linkage!Original value replacement: Zhishun/Zhixiang/Leiling (vehicles within 3 years), original value replacement Fengda Financial car purchase: 60% down payment, privileged to enjoy 2-year zero-interest limited loan test drive courtesy: enter the store to test drive and order the car, manufacturer’s direct subsidy of 2000 yuan (boutique gift package) replacement subsidy: second-hand car replacement to high subsidy of 2000 yuan in-depth test drive:Customer in-depth test drive experience, exclusive privilege for 2 days (all stores sign agreement, deposit, etc.) Car booking Courtesy: Customers who book cars participate in the home appliance lottery in the store and win 100% (except Highlander and Sena)

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