Biden lifted trump’s sanctions on China!Is it admitting defeat?Or are you up to something?

What’s wrong with America these days?After White House press secretary Jen Psaki and National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan created their own “Chinese military supplies to Russia” on The 21st.On March 23, local time, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) announced that it has restored tariff exemptions on 352 items out of 549 pending tariff exemptions on Chinese imports.For such a long time in the past may everyone forget what is the “section 301”, “301 clause” in the narrow sense refers to the article 301 in the United States in 1974 trade law, the provisions authorized U.S. trade representative of other countries “unreasonable or unfair trade practices” launching an investigation, and at the end of the survey suggested that the President of the United States after unilateral sanctions,These include withdrawing trade preferences and imposing retaliatory tariffs.As you can see, this is a total bully clause.In 2019, then-Us President Donald Trump announced a list of additional tariffs on imported goods, involving more than $300 billion.Although the two sides reached a partial settlement in December of that year, 549 Items of Chinese exports were still pending for a year and a half without being immediately exempted from tariffs.It was not until October last year that the OFFICE of the US Trade Representative (USTR) announced that it would re-exempt 549 Chinese imports from tariffs for public comment.It then went on for less than six months before officially announcing on The 23rd that 352 more items had been exempted.And now the question is, the United States has repeatedly courted China since The 20th of This month. For this reason, the United States has slapped itself in the face three times. Why?You should know that when they were making rumors about China providing arms to Russia, they were serious. Now they are making up their own rumors and hitting their own face.The trade war was former President Trump’s biggest move against China. Although the trade war resulted in the effect of killing a thousand enemies, it ultimately hurt China.Now the Biden administration wants to re-exempt these goods from tariffs, which is equivalent to declaring that Trump’s China policy has failed. The current administration has directly backfired on his predecessor and has also lost face to him. What is the purpose that drives the United States to improve relations with China?Combination of the world, you can probably see the plot through Ukraine battlefield, minimize the influence of Russia from the world, and in the world, Russia has long been a relationship between the best and the most reliable friend is Chinese, if Russia is really out of the big issues, China’s large probability won’t like now to be neutral, how wear also will end to save,And judging by America’s recent increasing urgency, that day will not be long.And at jack Sullivan’s press briefing to promote Biden’s trip on Monday, Sullivan focused on one thing: That The president will announce new sanctions at the upcoming NATO summit.If it were just a sanctions measure, Sullivan wouldn’t have to stress it so much, because Russia is used to normal sanctions.And he is so seriously, means that the sanctions will lead to all countries in the world of strong unexpected results, before stacking multiple possible sanctions under the effect of a Russian can be played a big loss, even until the collapse edge, Sullivan and the U.S. government all person have such confidence, so they dare to pose such a cause.But there is another wild card in this story: China.China is good at saving the country from fire and water with humanitarianism as the main principle. It never interferes with politics, but only saves the people. However, the relationship between Russia and China is not ordinary.In the face of Russia’s survival, can China still do nothing to save the dying and the wounded as before?Some time ago, European and American intelligence departments spread the rumor that China would provide military assistance to Russia. This kind of smoke bomb deliberately released by the United States is not only used to disgust China, but also means to warn China and target Russia.On the one hand, the United States should let China see how much resistance will be aroused in the world if China chooses to help Russia militarily. If China is clear about this, the United States can concentrate on dealing with Russia and will not worry about China’s backside.Russia, on the other hand, the nation what all good, good face good reputation, is the domestic economy all quick collapse from Russia Ukraine also on the battlefield in civilians anyway can see about Ukraine, Russia is the face look better than what all important people, that if there is such a person, they are in the battle to win by the aid of China?In order to prove their innocence and get China out of the affair, Russia will definitely deny it and no matter what happens in the future, Russia will not bring down the face to ask China for help. This is the way to attack the heart.In order to hold China hostage and cut off all Russia’s help, it is a necessary step for the United States to pull China to step on Russia. From such an urgent action of the United States, we can imagine that the United States must have a big plan to come out next, let’s wait for Biden’s plan at the NATO summit.

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