A dress is a suite, luxury house in 7 hours, how rich is the socialite Yu?

Girl of heaven?How rich is Yu Wanwan, the only heiress born to a fortune of 10 billion yuan?One of her dresses is the price of a house, and buying luxury goods is like shopping for vegetables in the vegetable market. The daily expenditure can be more than the average person’s annual income.Look from her cloakroom, the bag that whole color fastenings of Diao, Hermes has everything, will tell to her, want what like only to be able to be bold and domineering ground fastenings whole color to come home, it may be said is worthy of the name bai rich beauty.Yu Wanwan’s father is Yu Jingyuan, the world-renowned Wooden door king in Asia, and her mother is also a well-known investor. The family has already owned tens of billions of assets. More importantly, Yu Wanwan is the only daughter of her parents.There is no doubt that she was born the only heir to a fortune of ten billion yuan, and she is also a beautiful girl who is extremely spoiled by her parents. She never wears out her high-order dress at home, fills her room with top luxuries from all over the world, and owns a full line of skin care products of top brands.It has to be said that Yu Wanwan’s life starting point is the end that too many people can’t reach in their whole life. Now Yu Wanwan has settled in Shanghai, and she can’t even spend a few hours wandering around her mansion.There are three bathrooms and one living room. The mansion is divided into three floors, with four rooms, three living rooms, six bathrooms, a spacious and bright rooftop backyard and a private horse ranch.Yu Evening evening can enjoy the comfortable high-end life at home, in the mansion at will to take out a decoration may be the world limited edition level, Hermes tableware everywhere.Most jaw-dropping of all, she has countless gowns in her cloakroom, one of which is as expensive as an apartment in a third-tier city.So the luxurious house of more than evening evening can be called the paradise in the dream of every girl, integral decoration style is also very elegant and costly, showing the breath of riches and honour everywhere.In front of these luxuries, Yu wanwan once said that he did not care about the value of these things, but really care about the artistic value of these luxuries.One of the world’s top socialites, Yu Wanwan, was caught in the middle of a storm of public opinion after spending a large sum of money to attend the Queen Charlotte ball in 2015.But her behavior was ridiculed both at home and abroad. In the domestic media, Yu wanwan was described as a wealthy woman who tried to use money to join the British high society.In the British media, people like Yu, who buy tickets to attend the formal royal ball, are tarnishing the royal family’s noble lineage.But in the face of the surrounding doubts, Yu Wanwan responded lightly: I just like the life in the UK, then she spent a lot of money, frequently appeared in the major celebrity dinner.At that time, the three characters are also associated with Shabaitian, but those who mock her do not know that her parents gave her not only millions of wealth, but also a pair of smart business mind.As a matter of fact, Yu wanwan was planning to show off her skills in The UK, but she lacked connections, so she chose to attend celebrity dinners to quickly expand her network.Having mastered the etiquette of royalty, Yu wore a custom-made gown by royal designer Oscar de la Renta to the Met Gala, one of America’s most high-profile fashion weeks.On the night of the dinner, Yu wanwan’s skirt got stuck in the elevator, and a gentleman came to her rescue, the eldest son of Louis Vuitton, the world’s richest man with a fortune of 815.5 billion yuan.Later, Yu Wanwan got to know he Chaoying and He Chaoxin sisters, daughter of gambling king, at the 2017 Art exhibition of Creation and Creation, and then she got to know business and political celebrities of various countries, so the quality network was completed in a short time.Then, Yu Holdings, a venture capital firm founded by Yu wanwan, was born. She divided the venture capital firm into three parts, using the business measures she learned at Oxford and Cambridge.First, we invest in companies with potential, then incubate talents with potential, and hold design support activities. Finally, we launch an orderly funding program to promote the development and spread of global culture. Even the famous British actor Tom Hiddleston has appeared to help.When all the preparations were ready, the contacts made with Yu wanwan became her propaganda ambassador. Remember, this year, she realized Wang Jianlin’s small goal at the age of 28 and earned the first 100 million yuan in her life.Like Wang Sicong and Qin Fen, Yu first gained fame for flaunting her wealth. In 2002, an Internet celebrity surnamed Xu posted a video of raiding yu wanwan’s mansion in the middle of the night.And the teacher Xu unexpectedly in the mansion to stroll a whole seven hours did not stroll over, between one night, yu Late night’s name with Asian wooden door king Yu Jingyuan’s only daughter name shocked the whole network.In 1989, China’s wooden door industry just started, graduated from Zhejiang University of Technology Yu Jingyuan keenly aware of the development prospects of Chinese wooden doors.In the opposition of friends and relatives, he resolutely founded the dream day wooden door group, the group just established the second year, more than late birth, that is to say, in those days she witnessed the father step by step when in the mother’s stomach.Yu Jingyuan became the father of more feel the burden on his body, under his continuous management, Dream day group is expanding, with Evergrande, Vanke, Wanda and other real estate giants have cooperation, which also let Yu Jingyuan boarded the throne of ten billion billionaires.However, Yu Wanwan has never chosen to do nothing because of her father’s wealth of tens of billions of dollars. On the contrary, she wants to play a world with her own efforts.So far, Yu wanwan has been named as founder and CEO of Yu Holdings, a post-90s fashion investor and a young philanthropist.As the richest man in The Arab world and the largest investor in the Middle East, Prince Alaweed was deeply impressed by Yu’s fashion skills, and the two even co-founded a company.The Times of London also described Yu wanwan as the most powerful woman in fashion, and she was included in Forbes China’s 30 Under 30 list.As a matter of fact, there are many rich princesses, but it is rare to see a woman as ambitious and intelligent as Yu who can make her way into the world’s top socialite circle by her own efforts.What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.

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