Village Zhenxing Road, “China’s Uncaria Township”

Guiyang February 7, Xinhua News Agency (reporter Wang Jun)This Spring Festival, OMf is particularly busy.He worked hard to build new houses and manage medicines.”Omingfu Omingfu, the year of the Tiger rich!”The chirpy laughter of neighbors teasing each other attracted the reporter’s attention.Jianhe County uncaria industry technicians explain to Ou Mingfu (left) the technology of medicinal materials management.Ou Mingfu lives in Guangtiao village, Gedong Town, Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province.In recent years, the village has vigorously planted uncaria, a traditional Chinese medicine, and some young and middle-aged workers have returned to the village.Ou Mingfu, 36, is one of them.In 2016, he was still working in Guangdong.Since 2017, Ou Mingfu has returned to the village to plant uncaria. Through land contracting, he has developed more than 40 mu of land.The New Year, most into fertility, economic benefits worth looking forward to.Uncaria has high medicinal value.”Jian River Uncaria” is famous all over the country.Jianhe County is known as “The hometown of Uncaria in China”, and the current planting scale exceeds 120,000 mu.The raw materials of Uncaria are about to be sold to pharmaceutical companies.In recent years, local governments have strengthened development and support, and the uncaria industry has effectively boosted the income increase of villagers in mountainous areas of ethnic minorities.”Weeding, fertilizing, pruning…Every link should be done on time, delay time, there will be no good harvest.”Ou Mingfu said, “When people mistake the ground for a while, the ground mistakes people for a year, lazy people will not become rich.”Ou Tiaojiang, a 45-year-old Villager of the Miao ethnic group, used to be a registered poor household. He has been planting 50 mu of uncaria since 2019.In 2021, we saw initial benefits, with a net income of about 30,000 yuan. A family of four lives well.During the slack season, Ou Tiao health also goes out to work as a plasterer.Large growers like Outiaohealth and Oumingfu, on the one hand, with the increase of output value year by year, the economic benefits are more and more considerable;On the other hand, daily management and picking herbs require a large number of temporary workers, and can provide employment opportunities for those who cannot go out.Erwin, the party secretary of Guangtiao Village, said temporary workers are now hired for at least 100 yuan a day. Some of the elderly workers in the village cannot go out, and they can make money in the planting base to supplement their families.Jianhe County jin Uncaria industry supply and Marketing cooperation development Co., LTD., director Pan Nianjun introduced, “Jianhe uncaria” is the formula of many domestic pharmaceutical enterprises, not only best-selling domestic, but also exported to Japan, South Korea and other places.The unit price of fresh stem and branch with curved hook shape is about 9 yuan per kilogram, and the output value of each mu after entering the fertile period is five to six thousand yuan.At present, two local enterprises are introduced to carry out intensive processing to extend the industrial chain and increase the added value.Standing in front of his unfinished three-storey building, Mr O ‘Mingford is full of confidence for the New Year.”If we manage the uncaria industry well and run freight at ordinary times, the money for the house decoration should not be a problem.”He said he believed life would get better and better in the future.

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