Pharmacists help CEO Zhang Buzhen catch up with the college to recruit the first batch of undergraduate has been boycotted by a number of pharmaceutical enterprises

Last year, Pharmacists Bang successfully became one of the unicorns of the Internet medical industry, and zhang Buzhen, the founder and CEO, also came into the public eye again. There is no lack of curiosity about him. Today, caijing, the operator, will try to bring you closer to him.According to public records, Zhang graduated from The Beijing Institute of Electronic Science and Technology in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree.The computer science and Technology department of the college was one of the earliest to enroll undergraduates in 1993, according to, the operator of the college.According to zhang Buzhen’s graduation date, he just caught up with the college’s first undergraduate enrollment.It is worth noting that When Zhang first joined Soufun, he was responsible for technical work.It is reported that when Zhang buzhen joined Soufun, he did not have a prestigious university or rich work experience, but with solid technical skills, he earned a place for himself. Within three months, he received three job offers, but finally chose to join Soufun.When soufun is still in its early days, but also is a great cafe, soufun, the founder of the mo TianQuan worked as secretary general at the China real estate index system, the mo TianQuan and considerate soufun director, Dr Li is famous universities abroad, has a very bright eye past record, CEO li or boc international holdings.And zhang Buzhen at the same time into soufang network generation, is tsinghua University graduate students, so it seems that Zhang Buzhen has a place of excellence.Zhang Buzhen joined Soufang network in 1999, is to accompany soufang grow up all the way senior figures.According to zhang Buzhen’s propaganda on campus recruitment in the early years, he started from the most basic technical department ordinary staff, and then upgraded to the position of technical director and vice president step by step.As a veteran of Soufun, Zhang buzhen has shared his employment experience at public events. He believes the key is to choose a growth industry.As it turned out, Mr. Zhang made a good choice, and Soufun later became a giant in the field of Internet real estate.I wonder if this is also the reason why he later chose to quit and start his own business.The rise and rapid development of “Internet +” attracted many people to start their own businesses. In December 2014, Zhang Buzhen officially resigned from Soufun. He said goodbye to the long-cultivated real estate field and chose to start his own business in the field of Internet medicine.In 2015, Zhang Buzhen returned with pharmacist Bang, a pharmaceutical B2B third-party platform focusing on the pharmaceutical circulation field, and targeting multiple and scattered pharmacies and clinics to provide them with pharmaceutical care, drug procurement, enterprise recruitment, staff training and other services.Three years, Zhang Buzhen founded the rapid development of pharmacists.In 2016, the company obtained the certificate A known in the industry and completed the round B financing of 110 million yuan. In 2018, the trading volume of the platform reached the target of 10 billion yuan, and the monthly orders exceeded 1 million, covering 200,000 terminals such as pharmacies and clinics.However, the development of the pharmacists gang is not plain sailing, once into a storm.Previously in April 2019, the Internet with a given out by the Yangtze river pharmaceutical a “about to stop the pharmacist for platform all electricity supply customer notification”, according to the letter, due to the pharmacist for Yangtze platform customers for a long time at a low price sales of pharmaceutical products, the serious influence the market price, damage the image of the Yangtze river pharmaceutical,Cause standard cooperation customers can not sell normally.In the notification letter, Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical made the following decision: from now on, sales to all e-commerce customers of The Pharmacists’ Platform will be stopped nationwide, and first-level distributors, second-level distributors and other quasi-distributors of the national cooperation of Yangzijiang Pharmaceutical Group will be prohibited to supply to the e-commerce customers of the Pharmacists’ platform, or the cooperation will be suspended according to the commercial agreement.According to the notification letter, the letter has been officially issued on April 12.Jilin Aodong Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has also issued a notice to stop all e-commerce suppliers on the network platform, forbidding first-level distributors, second-level distributors and other quasi-distributors from supplying to any e-commerce on the network sales platform, or stopping cooperation according to the commercial agreement.The fourth department of the general agency business of Kyushutong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. issued a notice, pointing out that some of the second-level or third-level commercial sales of Kangwang RX100ml and Pikangwang 20G on the platform of “Pharmacists” appeared online, which affected the management of the channels and prices of products of this specifications in each region, and prohibited the online sales of these products.Of course, these companies are not the only ones who have vowed to boycott the pharmacists’ gang.In response to this, pharmacists bang said that it is a third-party service platform, which only provides platform and technical services without selling drugs or allocating drugs. The core users of the platform are pharmacies and clinic terminals in a broad market.However, the storm did not seem to stop Zhang Buzhen from leading the progress of Pharmacists Gang. Then, Pharmacists Gang reached strategic cooperation with Dong-E-E-Jiao, Bayer, Deppon Express and so on, and successively reached cooperation with more than a dozen pharmaceutical enterprises.Interestingly, a year later, in the pharmacists gang broadcast room also appeared a letter against it pharmaceutical companies figure.Through the storm, the medicine gang more and more steady progress.In June 2021, Pharmacobank announced the completion of a new round of financing of 270 million DOLLARS, and subsequently became a member of the global Unicorn List 2021. The next development of Pharmacobank seems to be highly anticipated by the outside world. Regarding this, Zhang Buzhen said in an interview to the media: We have the intention of going public, but there is no timetable yet.But now the competition in the Internet industry is so fierce, and so is the medical field. As the head of a unicorn enterprise, how will Zhang lead the pharmacists gang to continue to move forward?Operator Finance is here to stay.

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