Maotai executive bribery details exposed!The ex-wife helped pull the strings and split the profits with the dealer

Ma Yupeng, former general manager assistant of Kweichow Moutai and former general manager of Kweichow Moutai Liquor Sales Co., LTD., was found guilty of taking bribes in the first instance of criminal trial, the Website of Chinese Judgments documents has disclosed., according to the judgment Ma Yupeng used as guizhou maotai sales co., LTD., general manager, deputy general manager as well as the national wine maotai renhuai, guizhou) marketing co., LTD., general manager position, such as maotai dealers XXL army, Du Mou jie 25 people in maotai and endorsement retail maotai, increasing the maotai supply issues such as benefit,Accepted Chen Mou Jun, Du Mou Jie and other 25 people property equivalent to 67.229,500 yuan.Source: China’s judicial documents network single bribes were the most superb 27 million yuan, according to the judgment in July 1987, the first ErQing Ma Yupeng from guizhou industrial school after graduation allocated 800 tons of moutai distillery reconstruction headquarters work, in the 800 tons of moutai distillery expansion on finance accounting, since then, Ma Yupeng will have been working in guizhou maotai.In September 2017, Ma Yupeng was appointed assistant to the General Manager of Kweichow Moutai Co., LTD. (responsible for the operation and management of the sales company), General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of Kweichow Moutai Sales Co., LTD., and General Manager of State-owned Moutai (Guizhou Renhuai) Marketing Co., LTD.According to the verdict, Ma accepted more than 67 million yuan in property, all of which was donated by Moutai dealers. The transactions involved the operation of Moutai, the approval of retail sales of Moutai, and the increase of the supply of Moutai.The amount of bribes offered to Ma yupeng varies from tens of thousands of yuan to tens of millions of dealers, and Ma yupeng accepts all of them.Among them, Ma Yupeng took the most single bribe of 27 million yuan.Between July 2017 and 2018, Ma yupeng took advantage of his position as general manager of Kweichow Moutai Sales Co., Ltd. to seek benefits for Moutai liquor dealer Du Moutai jie and his wife CAI in the approval of retail Moutai liquor, Du Promised to give 27.3 million yuan, ma Yupeng arranged Du And CAI on behalf of the custody.Ma Yupeng was found guilty of taking bribes to buy funds from his son’s company.Ma’s second son, Ma Yuming, worked at a company in Shenzhen around May 2018, mainly selling fund wealth management products, according to the ruling.In order to help Ma improve his work performance, in June and July 2018, he introduced Chen Jun and another Moutai liquor dealer Wang De to buy fund products.Chen, Wang two people together to ma Ming’s company investigation, after Chen jun invested 20 million yuan to buy fund products, of which 10 million yuan is Chen Jun’s own investment, the other 10 million yuan for ma Yupeng agreed to descendants for custody of part of the bribe money.In addition, Wang Mou de also invested 10 million yuan to buy the fund products.In addition, Ma Yupeng’s ex-wife Liu also helped pull the strings.According to Liu testimony, in June 2017 or so one day, CAI said they want to point maotai retail liquor approval to Uncle Ma (refers to Ma Yupeng) to help sign out to sell, find some pocket money to use, as the two partnership business, sales of 50% of the profits to Ma Yupeng home.Liu mou thought for a few minutes later, answered CAI said yes.That night Liu home, and Ma Yupeng said after Du Jie, CAI couple with retail wine approval to find him to sign, he wants to take care of it, sales income can be divided into half.Ma Yupeng answered that he knew.In July 2017 or so to January 2018, Du Jie, CAI couple have taken a lot of retail wine approval to Ma Yupeng for approval, and then put the wine out for sale.The People’s Procuratorate of Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Southwest China’s Guizhou Province filed a lawsuit against the intermediate People’s Court on March 5, 2020.After trial, the court believes that Ma Yupeng as a state staff, the use of the position of convenience, for others to seek benefits, illegally accepted other people’s property, the amount is particularly huge, its behavior has constituted the crime of taking bribes, should be punished according to law.However, After Ma Yupong arrived at the case, he truthfully confessed to the fact that the supervisory organ had taken bribes, and confessed to most of the facts that the supervisory organ had not taken bribes. He confessed to the crime voluntarily, so the court decided to give him a lighter punishment.The court judgment is as follows: defendant Ma Yupeng guilty of bribery, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 13 years and six months, and fined 3 million yuan.The defendant Ma Yupeng received the proceeds of the crime of bribery and the proceeds were confiscated according to law and turned over to the state Treasury.Editor: Ye Song

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