Coagulative force to work hard, in the development of the main city to improve the quality of the new city to go ahead when the pioneer

Xingsha Times (reporter Long Huiling) In the afternoon of February 13, representatives attending the second session of the 18th Changsha County People’s Congress deliberated the work report of the conference by group.Chen Yonggao, deputy secretary of Changsha County Party Committee and head of Changsha County, came to the Xianglong delegation to attend the deliberation.In the Delegation of Xianglong, with responsibilities and missions, and full of expectations and expectations, the representatives discussed and deliberated on the content of the conference work report combined with their own practical work, and expressed their opinions and expressed their opinions on urban management, consumption upgrading, industrial development and other fields. The atmosphere was warm.”Xianglong street in the past year’s work as a whole, powerful service, development, security for.”Chen Yonggao in carefully listen to the representative speech, highly affirmed the xianglong street last year achieved fruitful results.He pointed out that Xianglong Street, adjacent to the main urban area of Changsha city, has unique geographical advantages, is the bridgehead of changsha County rongcheng development, the main battlefield of project construction, the key node of urban quality improvement, in 2022 county economic and social development responsibility, glorious mission.Chen Yonggao stressed that in the New Year, Xianglong Street should continue to gather strength and work hard to grasp the “four years” construction and development opportunities. As a result, we should take the lead in building and developing the main urban area and improving the quality of the new urban area.To the project was a great battle certainly, in order to “speed up project construction year” as the main way to promoting pine lake ecological new town water, take a knife along the river crossing the river area construction management, m li viaduct construction, zhongnan automobile world quality upgrade and other major projects, to provide protection and project construction elements service work, promote the development of project planning blueprints become reality, vision real.We will take the lead in improving the quality of urban and rural areas. We will strictly follow the guideline of “Improving the quality of urban and rural areas every year” and take multiple measures to carry out regional rectification, so as to improve the quality of urban planning and highlight urban development, and ensure that the quality of cities is significantly improved through integrated development.To create advantages in business environment, fully implement the requirements of “Business environment Improvement Year”, carry out business environment optimization projects, especially in service development, land expropriation and demolition, production safety, administrative approval, social governance and other aspects to create characteristics and experience, reflect the responsibility of Xianglong.To record on their own development, broadening the development vision, expand opening pattern and situation to grasp the latest market demand, make full use of the xiang mountain dragon horse back bar video text and industrial park location advantage and advantage of the auto industry, in-depth implementation of “one time, fill a vacancy, pew, double” for three years, build a new high industry innovation.County leadership Guo Rui, yu Mingtuan to participate in the deliberations.

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