Shanghai: Illegal acts related to COVID-19 will be punished accordingly and the order of epidemic prevention will be firmly maintained

Zhang Yahong, deputy director of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, introduced several typical cases at a press conference on Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work today.(1) refusing to cooperate with nucleic acid testing without being tested.A few days ago, a man in Songjiang deliberately avoided nucleic acid testing, repeatedly hung up the notification phone of staff, and did not go out.After the staff came to the door to remind him to go downstairs to do nucleic acid, he deliberately showed the qR code of wechat business card to deceive the testing personnel, which seriously affected the work order of nucleic acid testing, and has been punished according to law.2. Leave the containment area without permission and refuse to wear a mask.A man loitered without a mask and with a cigarette dangling from his mouth in Pudong.The man did not listen to the dissuasion and left the lockdown area without authorization. After being discovered by the epidemic prevention and control personnel, he not only refused to wear a mask, but also had a very bad attitude.Pudong police have imposed administrative punishment on him in accordance with the law and issued a warning.Such acts must be investigated and dealt with firmly in accordance with the law.In addition, some residents did not comply with the requirements of “staying indoors” during the lockdown and control period. They walked their dogs without permission, or went to the gate of the community to get take-out food. Some residents did not cooperate with the arrangement of epidemic prevention personnel, resulting in altercations or even physical conflicts.Ya-hong zhang warns a citizen, the network is not outside the law, the citizens in WeChat circle of friends, weibo posted on social media or forwarding on epidemic information, must be for the authorities to release information, please do not create ourselves without verification, random hair, conveniently turn, don’t toe the line of rumor spreading, so as not to violate the relevant laws and regulations, also will affect the normal order of epidemic prevention.Shanghai has issued a circular to clarify the legal basis for punishment for all kinds of illegal acts related to COVID-19.Public security organs will adhere to the principle of combining education with punishment for those who fail to make nucleic acid tests, violate the regulations on epidemic prevention, or deliberately disrupt the order of epidemic prevention, and will punish those who refuse to make corrections and whose circumstances are serious in accordance with the law to resolutely safeguard the order of epidemic prevention.Any unit or individual that finds any clues about the epidemic can call 110 to report.(Reporter Wei Ran, Zhang Qian, Zhou Li) Source: CCTV News

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