Prepared vegetables hold up half the sky!This young people’s New Year’s Eve dinner has many “new favorites”

Surprisingly, half of the dinner is made up of prepared vegetables.Today is New Year’s Eve, are there any prepared dishes on your table?Prepared dishes are a new favorite for New Year’s Eve dinners this year.As more residents respond to the call to celebrate the Spring Festival locally, young consumers who are highly receptive to the new consumer trend have become the “cooks” at home.In weibo, topics related to prepared dishes emerge in an endless stream, such as “The popularity of prepared dishes doubles the Spring Festival Sales”, “Prepared dishes may reach a trillion market”, “Prepared dishes are nearly 80% cheaper than restaurants”, and “70% of prepared dishes consumed by young people for New Year’s Eve dinner”.In Xiaohongshu, search for “prepared dishes” and find thousands of related notes.Baidu Index shows that the index of searches related to prepared dishes has started to fluctuate since November 2021.On January 13, 2022, the prepared dish search index jumped to 11,976.You can cook a New Year’s Eve dinner in about 20 minutes by buying prepared dishes and heating them at home. It is convenient and fast, and there is no need to wash dishes after eating. Therefore, prepared dishes have become a new hot spot in the New Year’s Eve dinner market.Online fresh electricity business, the reporter observed that, in order to facilitate consumers to buy directly, many platform App pages will be New Year’s Eve dinner or prepared dishes as a separate classification display.Zhu Danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, said cooking, home-staying culture, take-out and the lazy effect are all reasons why the new generation has become the mainstream consumer group of prepared food, and a key point for “prepared food” to move from behind the scenes to the front.A survey shows that young people between 30 and 35 are taking the lead in New Year’s Eve dinners, with the proportion of young people taking charge of New Year’s eve dinners in first-tier cities significantly higher than in other cities.As a result, the stock prices of prepared vegetable related stocks continued to rise, driven by the housing economy and the demand for The Spring Festival.Under the impact of the epidemic, many brand catering enterprises have turned their attention to the research, development and production of “prepared dishes” and sold them online.Chain catering enterprises said that the current sales of prepared dishes and restaurant operating income has been equal.In order to improve business efficiency and reduce waste disposal costs, it is not new for the catering industry to use prepared dishes. In fact, it is difficult for consumers to eat “fried and cooked” food in large restaurants and restaurants. Jiang Yi, founder of Haoshrimp Chuanchuan and restaurant columnist, said:”More than 60 percent of restaurants are prepared, and 70 percent of restaurants for weddings and birthday parties are prepared, but consumers don’t know it.”At present, catering enterprises tao Tao Ju, Song He Lou, Xibei, Meizhou Dongpo, Typhoon Shelter and other well-known chain catering brands also launched retail prepared dishes to C-end consumers.In addition to New Year’s Eve meals, many restaurants also put their main prepared dishes on the table, so consumers can order signature dishes to enjoy at home on New Year’s Eve.Capital enthusiasm, many prepared players have become a hot tuyere.Data from Tianyan shows that the annual registration volume of companies related to prepared dishes in 2019 and 2020 reached the highest level in a decade.By 2021, there are more than 68,000 companies related to prepared dishes in China.Actually, prepared dishes are not new.For a long time in the past, prepared dishes are the “secret weapon” of catering enterprises. For B-end catering enterprises, the use of prepared dishes can reduce labor costs, reduce the kitchen area, improve meal efficiency, ensure the stability of product taste, and improve food safety and quality assurance.C-end consumers at the time were even less impressed by companies that used prepared dishes.However, two years later, driven by the epidemic and changes in consumers’ consumption patterns and habits, the “lazy economy” directly led to the outbreak of prepared dishes in c-end, especially among the post-80s and post-90s.According to the research report of Essence Securities, the scale of the prepared vegetable market in 2021 is about 210 billion yuan, and the industry scale is expected to grow to 600 billion yuan in 2025.Shanxi Securities believes that in 2021, the space scale of Prepared dishes in China is expected to be 345.9 billion yuan, up 18.1% year on year, and the prepared dishes industry is expected to become the next trillion food and beverage market in the next 3 to 5 years.According to Tianyan, up to now there are more than 68,000 companies related to prepared dishes in China, 146 of which have had financing.After the New Year’s day this year, market funds may have smelled the aroma of New Year’s Eve dinner, have come to praise the concept of prepared dishes.Delisi in January 12 – January 20, even seven daily limit, aquatic products leading national League aquatic products in January up to 36.64%.The last trading day of the year of the Ox, prepared dishes concept stocks strong performance, Xi ‘an food, Baiyang shares rose by the daily limit, Quanjude, New hope, qianwei Central kitchen and other top gainers.On the evening of January 27, Delis released 2021 performance forecast shows that the company is expected to achieve non-net profit deduction 31.5 million yuan to 36.5 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 342.03%-412.19%.As for the main reason for the increase in net profit in 2021, Deris also attributed to “the company’s continued efforts in intensive processing of high value-added prepared vegetable products.”According to the “2021 Chinese Prepared Vegetable Industry Market Prospect and Investment Research Report” launched by The China Business Industry Research Institute, the data shows that China’s current prepared vegetable market stock is about 300 billion yuan, if the annual compound growth rate of 20% is estimated,In the next 6-7 years, China’s prepared vegetable market can grow into a trillion yuan market, and in the long run, China’s prepared vegetable industry is expected to achieve a scale of more than 3 trillion yuan.”The prospects of the prepared vegetable market are very large,” said Wen Zhihong, general manager of Heshong Consulting.There are two main markets for prepared dishes, one for ToC and one for ToB.ToC is aimed at individuals and families, and with the pace of life getting faster, many people are considering prepared meals to save time;ToB is geared towards catering businesses.As the upstream of the catering industry, prepared dishes process basic raw materials into semi-finished products and finished products through food factories or central kitchens and distribute them to catering institutions, and then restaurants sell them through heating or simple processing, which improves the standardization and industrialization of the entire catering industry.””With the development of society, busy work and study, reduced cooking time at home, returning to the family and increased awareness of food hygiene and safety are contributing to the rapid growth in demand for prepared dishes from C-end customers,” said Deng Zhonghui, secretary of Fucheng’s board of directors.It is worth mentioning that, although the market prospect is broad, from the perspective of individual stock performance, the market value of the vast majority of stocks related to the concept of prepared dishes represented by Guolian Aquatic Products, Haixin Food, Spring Snow food and so on is below ten billion yuan.Hu Qimu, chief researcher at China Steel Economic Research Institute, said, “The prepared vegetable industry is still in the ‘race to the field’ stage with low industry concentration and scattered market share.As the prepared food industry expands, it also faces the problem of consolidation.The future development trend of the industry will be towards concentration, and there will be value depression in the integration of resources, which is also one of the reasons why the capital pays attention to prepared dishes.Hu Qimu further suggested: “The prepared vegetable concept stocks in the short term, the stock price rose substantially, in fact, there are risks for investors.First, the performance of listed companies is not mainly supported by the prepared dishes business. In reality, the proportion of contribution of prepared dishes to the performance of some listed companies is very small, and some of them are even in a conceptual state, and the stock price increase does not match the performance of prepared dishes.Second, the industry structure is not stable. The prepared dishes industry will face consolidation as it expands in the future, and every brand may face the risk of being eliminated or being consolidated.”Business daily you pick to wait for you
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