Zhang Yimou’s “Sniper” bucked the trend for three consecutive days, grossing more than 200 million yuan

Modern Express news (reporter Zheng Wenjing) Zhang Yimou’s first Spring Festival film “sniper” is hot, since the release of word of mouth strong lead the Spring Festival, box office breakthrough 200 million.More than 3.7 million people went into theaters to see the film.Inverse film but also at the box office for three consecutive days, word of mouth roaring, watercress grade 7.7 ranked with the schedule first, cat’s eye, tao polarizer open points and 9.5 for the audience to support, caused countless praise, won the praise of “real and shock, and tragic” great “blunt” like a bullet “take paper towel, worth the cost” good movie “that” undervalued “.The movie “sniper” is the first domestic based on the real Chinese people’s volunteer army sniper story of the film, tells the story of “sniper five class” soldiers to rescue comrades to protect information, the use of flexible combat wisdom and intrepate fighting spirit “to tactical victory force”, and equipped with powerful enemy launched a life-and-death duel.”Sniper” officially met with the audience on the first day of the Year of the Tiger, although in the strong Spring Festival, the film is facing a difficult situation, but with no water, excellent drama and conscience production, in the audience has accumulated a high reputation.In most theaters, arranged in the early morning and late at night, many viewers prefer to the lunar New Year holiday “day” also choose going to the cinema, with the ticket support director zhang yimou’s first foray into gear the sincerity of the Spring Festival, said “to get up early is also worth”, “in the middle of the night to see full, audience word-of-mouth counter attack quickly soared,It has also driven cinema screening to rise gradually since the second day of the New Year, and the effective screening of prime time has also been improved.”As we enjoy the peace of this golden age, we cannot forget those young lives buried in the ice and snow of a foreign land.”This is how many viewers feel after watching the movie sniper.The film shows “sniper five class” a group of young and rich flesh and blood warrior image, they will be youth without regret to the motherland, with hard practice without regret oath.A group of boys became indomitable men the moment they stepped onto the battlefield.During the 96-minute viewing of the film, many viewers were shocked by the cruelty of the war, disturbed by the ups and downs of the plot, and amazed by the wisdom of the Chinese People’s Volunteers when the unbearable sufferings happened in front of the young soldiers.When the emotion progressive push to climax, half of the cinema can not stop wiping tears “instant break prevention”.The characters are unknown but touching. It is their perseverance that makes us live in a peaceful and prosperous time. The moving power brought by the film Sniper has deeply touched the hearts of countless audiences.It is worth mentioning that director Zhang Yimou, who is also the chief director of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, gave the world a spectacular opening ceremony on Feb 4.”It has some romantic visual effects. When there is no crowd tactics and no big scene, it needs to create an ethereal, romantic and aesthetic effect, combining speed and passion to express the crystal clear beauty of ice and snow sports.”Just as director Zhang Yimou interpreted the artistic concept of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, the film Sniper also adheres to the principle of “one leaf tells the autumn” with small cuts. Instead of focusing on the grand war narrative of the flames of war, the film uses extremely restrained and precise artistic techniques to show the unknown group of “Sniper Squad five”.The Chinese wisdom, courage and sacrifice that emerged from the bitter battle.Many viewers praised the opening ceremony, and more than 15 hot topics landed on the lists that night.”After the opening ceremony to add a movie ticket for Zhang Yimou” inscription is a strong landing on the hot list, received 360 million views, triggered tens of millions of netizens hot discussion, countless audiences feeling “good movies should be seen”!

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