Fifth Personality: CC live mantis shrimp commentary COA5!Point out the advantages and disadvantages of bang Bang and bang Bang

With the opening of the FIFTH Personality CO5 competition, this professional arena of fifth personality has attracted a lot of netizens’ attention, and many professional players will show their strength in this competition.As a qualifier, everyone wants to stand out in this event and go to a higher stage.However, in this game above, in addition to the teams, but also a very interesting place, that is in the commentary above, unexpectedly appeared a familiar figure.This person is CC live shrimp GG_PPXia, I believe you must be very familiar with this contestant.He is a very young player, in this game to show the talent, very powerful.Although he didn’t do particularly well in his debut, these are all freshman nerves.With more and more experience in competitions, PPXia’s performance is getting better and better. From a newcomer, she has become a “humorous teenager”. She not only performs very well in competitions, but even makes some sarcastic remarks to make people laugh during the live broadcast.I thought PPXia was an effective player now, but I didn’t expect that she became very shy when she sat on the commentary table.In the process of explaining COA5, all the commentators were crazy. PPXia was shy and could only listen to the commentators discussing the problems. The situation seemed to become very awkward.But as soon as the competition started, PPXia began to focus on the game, and once the focus was on the game, PPXia began to talk a lot.In the first game, the monitor was a broken wheel. In this game, the monitor played particularly smoothly. Using the moving speed of the broken wheel, the monitor directly completed three catches, adding solid points for his team.During the rest period of the game, PPXia said that the map of Chinatown was a comparative advantage of the broken wheel, because the map was large and the broken wheel moved fast. If the opponent wanted to open the door and escape, the broken wheel could run to the finish line in ten seconds.If I were Bon-bon, I wouldn’t have run for an hour.So in this game, the breaker just needs to play a little bit better and basically get a high score.Once in the game, PPXia’s mind immediately finds its state, which also shows that in terms of flexibility, the wheel dominates the game, while Bang bang is more suitable for rhythm.Maybe this is the player who was born to play.PPXia has been absent this season, but I believe he will come back in a stronger state in the summer. The former FMVP of COA5 will bring us more wonderful performances. Let’s look forward to the next wave!

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