Enterprise annuity allows ginseng to protect personnel to choose when retiring one-time get

Flexible obtain employment state is in after resignation of zi rich on March 25, how to attend endowment insurance?After enterprise female worker is flexible obtain employment, should deal with retire according to which age?For public institution retirees, is the pre-retirement occupational annuity automatically included in the pension?In view of the employee retirement and pension benefits concerned by the insured, recently, the Wechat of zibo People’s Club provided relevant answers.Can be in state of flexible obtain employment after attending worker endowment insurance to resign voluntarily, how to attend endowment insurance?The individual industrial and commercial door that does not have hired hand, did not attend primary endowment insurance in unit of choose and employ persons is not full-time of course of study personnel and personnel of other flexible obtain employment can basis oneself circumstance, voluntary choice attends town worker primary endowment insurance.Insured personnel can choose the appropriate payment base within the limits of the upper and lower limits of the individual payment base set by this province, and the proportion of payment is 20%. They can choose to pay by month, by quarter, by half a year, by year and other means, and the payment is borne by individuals.Join with identity of personnel of flexible obtain employment to protect, although capture expends scale is a few lower than enterprise worker, but the pay that enjoys and enterprise worker are same.Personnel of flexible obtain employment achieves the retirement age that the country sets, and satisfy the condition of fixed number of year of minimum capture of primary endowment insurance, can get primary annuities by the month.The personnel that ginseng protects with individual identity, need to fill in when dealing with the society to be sure to register “attend personnel of primary endowment insurance circumstance table”, offer the following certificate and data :(1) identity certificate;(2) a household register;(3) For those who have participated in insurance in other pooling areas before registration, they should also provide the “Basic Endowment Insurance Relationship Transfer Form” issued by the social security institution in the place where they originally participated;(4) In case of termination of labor relationship with the unit, relevant certificates shall also be provided;(5) Other certificates and materials as required by social security institutions of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government.After female worker is flexible obtain employment accumulative total expends expends fixed number of year to be full 15 years 55 years old after retired enterprise female worker is flexible obtain employment, which age should deal with retire according to?In accordance with the labor and social security about the perfect town worker is basic endowment insurance policy related issues notice “(labor department is sent [2001] no. 20) regulation, town is individual and industrial and commercial door and other self-employed person and adopt various flexible employment personnel, in the male year full 60 one full year of life, female year full of 55 one full year of life, the accumulative total capture expends fixed number of year full 15 years, the basic pension.The specific case consults orgnaization of local social insurance agency please.The application for occupational annuity treatment and its application for basic endowment insurance treatment are accepted together with the public institution retirees, is the occupational annuity before retirement automatically included in the pension?Do you need to deal with it personally?According to relevant policies, after the reform of the pension insurance system in government offices and public institutions, the insured personnel shall meet the minimum number of years of contributions, meet the retirement conditions stipulated by the state and go through retirement procedures in accordance with the law, and receive pension benefits on a monthly basis, including basic pension and occupational annuity.If the insured personnel of government organs and public institutions meet the conditions for receiving occupational annuity, the employing unit shall submit the application materials for payment of benefits to the agency.The application for occupational annuity treatment will be accepted together with the application for basic endowment insurance treatment.Can enterprise annuity or occupational annuity be one-time when enterprise annuity allows ginseng to protect personnel to choose to get emeritus emeritus?Enterprise annuity allows ginseng to protect personnel to choose when retiring one-time get.When the worker is reaching the retirement age that the country sets, can from oneself enterprise annuity individual account press month, cent perhaps one-time get enterprise annuity, also can buy product of commercial endowment insurance entirely or part of fund of oneself enterprise annuity individual account, get treatment according to insurance contract and enjoy corresponding inheritance right.Occupational annuity does not allow ginseng to protect personnel to be taken in a lump sum when retiring.The staff member is reaching the emeritus condition that the country sets and after dealing with emeritus formalities lawfully, by oneself choose the means that gets occupational annuity pay monthly.It can be used to purchase commercial endowment insurance products in a lump sum and receive treatment and enjoy corresponding inheritance rights according to the insurance contract;Can choose to send occupational annuity treatment standard according to the corresponding monthly number of plan when I retire, send until, at the same time occupational annuity personal account balance enjoys the right of inheritance.I choose any method of collection will not change.Dazhong Daily Zibo Rong media center reporter Liu Wensi

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