After checking in, I found that clean is the best accomplishment of a home, and I can’t go down in a sloppy way

Just after the New Year, I went to my sister’s house to stay for a few days.Because the house I live in is a complete contrast to my sister’s house.It’s true. Maybe it’s because I’m usually too messy, so I don’t tidy up at home.It was a mess on the bed and the floor.Only one day can not see the past, just have to clean up.And a few days in sister’s home, I felt unprecedented carefree!After all, my sister’s home is so clean and tidy.This is a 110㎡ house, although not very big, but you can see in the decoration of the effort.The whole living room feels “clean to the core”.Perhaps it is the reason of the whole house white wall + two floor tiles, it looks very comfortable at a glance.Different from many people’s luxurious decoration, the living room should have a sense of design and function, to meet the central air conditioning four surrounding hanging, minimalist network red headlights, marble TV wall, hanging TV cabinet…They may seem like the most common things to do, but the overall effect is amazing.Especially after the carpet was removed, the large ceramic tile in the living room brought me a “bright” that I had never had.I discover later, make me feel carefree, decorate do not have how many concern actually.More important is the “cleanliness” and “neatness” of the home.As my sister said, “Why do your best friends come to your house once and then not again?Is not not love clean, the whole home is messy!Clean, is a home and the most facade, decoration is secondary “!My messy room listened to my sister’s words, I immediately felt the most awkward.Especially after a few days in sister’s home, I discover more and more, the day is to give oneself, a clean household environment, also can let my mood cheerful.After all, I also advocate such a sentence, if the heart is in full bloom, good luck to nature.Let the home become nevertheless raise an eye and suitable live, also be a knowledge.In addition to “storage” is more important, “clean” is the main play.For example, the ground of my home, although it is also paved with tiles, has not been more than 2 years, but really not as clean as my sister’s home.If “clean, is the facade of a home”, the ground will directly affect the factors accounted for 80%!Believe most residence and mine are same, it is to enter door to be able to see whole sitting room, and whether the ground of the sitting room is clean, can have first impression directly.So the ground no matter be the wooden floor that spreads or ceramic tile, keep clean just be the first step that makes perfect household environment, also be the most crucial step.The ceramic tile of old home already hair yellow because the ceramic tile of old home had been used for a lot of years, become dirty now so, or hair is yellow, or black, and most headache is these besmirch already clear hard.I am afraid that the tile floor of my current house, which I have lived in for less than two years, will look like this, so I have tried every detergent on the market, even using 84, and found that cleaning tile is not reliable.It was later discovered that sister’s floor tiles were clean as new, mainly because she used more professional detergent.”Ceramic tile has a special cleaner ah, ‘ceramic tile cleaner’ good, no matter what stains, can be decomposed and removed,” my sister said to me.At first I did not take my sister’s words to heart, after all, I have tried many kinds of cleaning agents.But since last staying in my sister’s house for a few days, I have witnessed the powerful decontaminizing power of tile cleaners.So I took my sister’s bottle and tried it in our living room. After spraying it on the floor, I mopped it up and it was as clean as new.So I just bought a big bottle to clean out the dirty bathroom in my hometown. Even my parents praised me for being diligent.But the old couple did not know that I had learned it from my sister.The fierce place that ceramic tile cleaner goes up on ground ceramic tile yellowed, besmirch can be removed quickly not only, connect hardware also can clean clean.Like faucet and flower asperse go up “scale”, once also be the difficult point that I clean, wipe with 100 clean cloth after all cannot drop at all, return with steel wire ball afraid destroy surface smooth.And when I use “ceramic tile cleaner” after gush, brush gently, scale is gone.Have to admit, the ability of this ceramic tile cleaner is really strong.I’ve even found that tile cleaner can be used on all kinds of countertops and, of course, the toilet is easy to clean.I don’t usually give out amway housewares.But this “tile cleaner” is so practical.It’s mainly about the experience of using it, and I’m not the only one who said yes, but a lot of people had a good experience.And the price of this tile cleaner is very cheap, belongs to really cheap and practical cleaning good things.Now my home a lot of miscellaneous cleaning agents are thrown away, leaving only a strong decontamination ability, and the use of a wider range of ceramic tile cleaner.If you have used it, you will know how great a good cleaning experience it is!Distance delicate household life is close one step again!(This issue features original text, some pictures from the network, infringement contact delete)

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