Yao Ming, Zhong Angel, Huo Liang and other Shanghai athletes participated in the Olympic torch relay

The torch relay is an important part of the Olympic ceremony. It carries the torch of peace and hope, as well as the message of human communication and solidarity.With two days to go before the opening ceremony, the torch relay lit up the atmosphere of the Beijing Winter Olympics.It is worth mentioning that there are many Elements of Shanghai in the Torch relay of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Considering the epidemic, the Torch relay for the Beijing Winter Olympics will last only three days.Beijing games organizing committee news propaganda department, deputy secretary, deputy director of the torch relay special team news propaganda Lv Qin introduction, about 1200 torch bearers to participate in the torch relay for the Beijing Olympics have determined that they come from all walks of life, mostly in the field of this system, the outstanding achievements or made outstanding contributions, fairly representative and sophistication.Among the torch bearers are advanced model representatives at all levels of the country, as well as distinguished figures and celebrities from science, education, culture and health. Most of them are ordinary people who have taken root in the front lines of production and work and have made outstanding contributions.Among them, the oldest is 86 years old, the youngest is 14 years old, 53 percent of them have won provincial or ministerial honors, and 57 percent of them are front-line representatives of production and work.The torchbearers also included international friends from more than 20 countries and regions.Yao Ming, the basketball star from Shanghai and president of the Chinese Basketball Association, participated in the 19th torch relay on the first day of the relay on The morning of February 2.Yao Ming has thus become the “double Olympic” torchbearer.Shanghai cyclist Zhong Tiansheng, a two-time cycling champion at the Summer Olympics, also took part in the torch relay at Beijing Winter Olympics Park on Sunday afternoon.Moreover, February 2 just happens to be bell angel’s birthday, which makes her more feeling.According to the reporter’s understanding, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games diving champion Huo Liang has also gone to Beijing, there is also the possibility of participating in the torch relay.Yang Yang, a Winter Olympic champion who has been promoting skating in Shanghai in recent years, is expected to take part in the torch relay.The overall appearance of “flying” echoes the shape of the main torch tower of the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, reflecting the inheritance and development of the “Double Olympic City”.”Flying” torch from bottom to bottom from the auspicious cloud pattern gradually transition to paper-cut style snowflake pattern, rotating up, such as ribbon dancing.The Olympic torch is silver and red, symbolizing the meeting of fire and ice with passion, lighting up snow and ice and warming the world.These torches actually contain the wisdom and technology of Shanghai.The “Auspicious Cloud” torch for the 2008 Beijing Olympics has a metal shell that is stable but cold to the touch.During the winter Olympic torch relay, the traditional metal materials did not feel good, and the “flying” became the world’s first carbon fiber composite Olympic torch.Lin Shengbing, general manager of Shanghai Petrochemical Advanced Material Innovation Research Institute, introduced that the burning mouth of “feiyang” torch is between the inner shell and the shell, which requires the carbon fiber shell to withstand the high temperature of more than 800 degrees Celsius, while the general resin and carbon fiber composite material can only withstand the temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius.In the end, Shanghai achieved three breakthroughs. First, it made the torch’s shell out of carbon fiber composite, a world first.Second, carbon fiber composite materials can be used normally in hydrogen combustion environment with combustion temperature greater than 800 degrees Celsius.Third, the weight is more than 20% lighter than aluminum alloy shell, showing the characteristics of “light, solid, beautiful”.”Auspicious cloud” torch structure is simple, and “flying” rotating rise, such as ribbon dancing modelling how to do?Shanghai Petrochemical found the team of Donghua University in 3d weaving, a technological breakthrough in carbon fiber molding, each black bundle contains 12,000 carbon fiber strands.After three-dimensional weaving, the torch shell is finally woven just like “knitting sweater”. No seams and pores can be seen, and the whole shape is integrated.Shanghai technician escort “fire” can not be lit rate to zero in fact, “fire” from Greece back to Beijing, there is also a Shanghai technician personally escorted.As technical personnel, Shanghai Petrochemical instrument control Center chief technician Fu Xiaoqing, advanced Materials Innovation Research Institute strategic cooperation department deputy manager Hu Xiao took a special plane to ensure the smooth transmission of the torch, the fire safely transported back.As early as early September last year, Fu Xiaoqing and Hu Xiao started the preliminary preparation for the torch’s technical support. They went to Beijing and Guangdong for training, learning the assembly and disassembly of the torch’s inner shell, fuel cylinder system, and the use of the ceremonial igniting platform.Throughout the torch lighting and transportation process, the biggest challenge was the safety of the first leg of the torch lighting ceremony.The first torch draws fire from a firearm in the temple of Hera, and the whole process is world-famous.According to the air cargo regulations, the torch fuel belongs to dangerous goods, the torch transport to Athens, the fuel in the torch is usually two-thirds, which means that the fuel reserves are very limited.”In the past there was less than a 5 per cent chance that the torch would not ignite.To get to zero percent, we experiment.””The wind was so strong that the flames were blowing at 90 degrees that we were all on edge and kept our eyes on the torch in case something went wrong,” said Fu xiaoqing.Part of the photo: Xinhua News Agency reporters Jia Haocheng, Li Xin source: Labor Watch

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