There are five high sugar sweet pet drama, part of the praise, do you like

As the year of 2022 goes on, there will be an upsurge of watching dramas during the Spring Festival. A large number of excellent dramas are competing to be screened, and various popular themes are welcomed in the audience’s hot voice. In particular, sweet pet dramas enjoy a far leading popularity and reputation.And the play to be broadcast “Lighter and princess dress”, “The Lonely Beast”, “Love 20 laws” and other sweet pet plays have also been highly anticipated, sweet love to attract many people’s attention.There are five sweet pet dramas on the air, and some of them are well received. Do you like any of them?I, “Have a Good Dinner with You” starring: Gao Hanyu, Zheng Qiuhong, playing platform:Hunan satellite TV, mango sweet pet play the play as a food type, mainly tells the story of Yu Hao as a boss in order to promote their own food company, while the use of avatars to make delicious food, the move to the outside world was a crusade, temporary emergency play Sue colleen began to personally taught Yu Hao do cuisine, Sue colleen since then and Yu Hao formed “family housewife” life, in the play of life,Each other experienced each other’s warmth and care, but also in the fun of life to help each other grow, hand in hand into the palace of marriage.Both have hard about entrepreneurship and experience, and the personal gain and loss of the road to success, more love sweet and happy trip, every point is the highlights of the show’s, skillfully on the basis of food, in cooking teacher in acquaintance happened to fall in love, the relationship between family food combined with romantic, more make the play lovers sweetness again upgrade,From the plot has been broadcast, there are many commendable places, details will show the taste of love.Ii. The King’s Assistant starring: Sun Zeyuan and Lu Yangyang, Broadcast platform:Youku drama focuses on the much-anticipated but poor literacy actor by the sunrise, in the way of transformation strength hired his literary mentor WeiChi space space, as students with excellent grades but with a crowd phobia WeiChi space space since then started with from the sunrise crazy Dui road, one for their own star road, a job to save his own skin,Two people who dare not talk about backwardness are even crazily colliding, and a strange combination of circumstances leads to a growing love affair, which makes each other even sweeter and happier.As a sweet pet inspirational drama, the show tightly grasped the core plot of “mentor and lover”, showing a hot spot of humor in the theme of unyielding.What is more worth mentioning is the human design. Both of them have their own embarrassing situation. Such an encounter will inevitably lead to some personality independence and competitiveness, which makes the process from hate to love more interesting and romantic.Three, “we will not love” starring: Jin Chen, prince Different, playing platform: Youku this play tells the story of studying abroad but do not want to inherit the family business gu Jiaxin, was arranged by the mother to become the assistant of Zhao Jiangyue, in two days long strengths, Gu Jiaxin slowly fell in love with Zhao Jiangyue, unable to extricate themselves.And Zhao Jiangyue also completes his race car driver dream to help Gu Jixin and working hard silently, the two people with mutual impression broke through the boundary of age eventually and sweet life together.As sweet pet show, it can be said to be very good showed the love of men and women in spirit and attitude, mood in imperceptible along quietly walked into each other in the life, has become the only love each other, enjoy the sweet love the taste and the growth of happiness, but also face the age difference leads to love trouble feeling, will HanTian love show incisively and vividly.And starring the high level of appearance and high popularity, but also let the play has a top three heat.Iv. Hello Sharpshooter starring Hu Yiyi and Xing Fei, Broadcast platform:Tencent the play tells the story of new anchor tang heart and former lover Shen Qingyuan accidental encounter, two people have for each other can’t forget the precious memories, under the arrangement of fate had became the new roommate, at this time of Tang Xincai see Shen Qingyuan did the root cause of that year, in line with the aim of the power of love and friends,She begins to help Shen Qingyuan to dissolve actively in those days accident leaves the bottom of the heart trauma.Below each other’s joint efforts, Tang heart and Shen Qingyuan became a pair of lovers again, and entered the hall of marriage happily.As a contemporary urban youth play, the play has sports, competitions, youth, love and other popular hotspot, in the comprehensive plot of the common progress, will love but not, love again all kinds of causal relationship description and in place.Everyone’s youth has his own cognition and regret, but the love he yearned for deeply has to be hidden in the bottom of his heart. Perhaps in the many changes brought by time, each other is not the original self. For love, we need to embrace bravely, warm and unrestrained.Five, “yesterday has a glazed tile” starring: Chen Yuqi, linyi, broadcast platform: youku the play mainly tells the story of Shao Xue, Zheng Su years is in the same hutong, Zhang Qi children, grew up together in the face of their own ideal and pursuit, and had to make a different choice, although not give feelings for each other has a, but young they miss kind in the bottom of my heart.After a few years they meet again, the seed that youth period buries next takes root quickly germinate, each other rushes toward more expansive distance hand in hand, guard the love that belongs to oneself childhood sweetheart horse.Young and ignorant love, such a dreamlike age has its own desire and fear, the expression of pure they dare not have too much, in time to hone and grow, gradually understand the meaning of love and responsibility, they are no longer depressed at this time in the heart of love yearning, brave pull each other’s hand, in dream and love, harvest the joy of life.The above are the five hot high sugar sweet pet dramas, one is more exciting than the other, there are a lot of praise of the unanimous praise, which do you like?What other sweet pet dramas do you recommend?Welcome to leave a message to exchange yo.

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