School begins!Eleven universities in Shaoxing have banded together and they want to do something big for “education”!

Today, primary and secondary schools in Shaoxing ushered in the day of the new semester. Various schools organized colorful and diversified activities to welcome students back to school and welcome the arrival of the new semester.In addition to the homecoming ceremony full of ceremony, shaoxing city also held the 2022 Shaoxing Talent Recruitment “Talent Train” and the city’s education system “1000 Master and Doctor” global talent recruitment press conference on the eve of the new semester.When it comes to education, teachers come first.In recent years, Shaoxing city has vigorously implemented the strategy of rejuvenating the city through science and education and strengthening the city with talents, vigorously integrating and gathering high-quality higher education resources, and the cause of higher education has developed rapidly in order to build a team of teachers who can stay and teach well.Up to now, the number of colleges and universities in Shaoxing has reached 12, with 126,000 college students, ranking third in the size of higher education in the province.Professional strong demand for education field, shaoxing education system for the first time this year to carry out the “thousands of people” world guide to activities, 11 colleges and universities in the salt will stick to dislocation and characteristic development, regional industry actual docking actively, for means of recruiting, hiring will be introduced throughout the year 547, Dr. Post 354 of them, 129 master’s position,There are 64 positions in shuo and Bo.These positions cover not only applied disciplines and majors that fit well with local industrial development, such as integrated circuits, materials science and biomedical science, but also professional disciplines that reflect the characteristics of schools, such as minor languages, to meet the needs of regional development.It is reported that the “talent train” is shaoxing’s brand activities.Eight trips have been made since 2018.In 2021, the number of newly employed college students in Shaoxing reached 142,000, making it one of the most favored cities for young talents in Zhejiang Province, and the urban talent attraction index ranked 24th in China.This year, the “Talent Train” in Shaoxing will mainly attract young college students, graduate students and overseas students. In accordance with the requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control, small scale and large quantities of talents will be recruited.Among them, 11 universities in Shaoxing for the first time joined forces to recruit talents, in the form of team recruitment, launched 547 jobs for master and doctoral talents.Shaoxing city officials introduced that more overseas students will be launched this year.In addition to the two major innovation and entrepreneurship competition systems, we will also promote regular road shows for talent projects, and design more carriers of activities such as “Cloud Docking”, “Cloud road show” and “Stay and create Action” suitable for overseas students.There will be at least one “invite in” activity for master and doctor talents every quarter. Master and doctor talents will be invited to serve as “urban experience officers” in Shaoxing, and they will experience the “fast development” and “slow life” of Shaoxing city by visiting cultural and industrial products.In addition, more internship positions will be provided for college graduates.It has carried out the activity of “One hundred schools into one thousand Enterprises”, carried out internship cooperation with colleges and universities across the country, provided venues and positions for cognitive and production internship activities for college students, and promoted the “integration of industry and education” between colleges and enterprises at a deeper and higher level.

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