Recommended jiang Tea tea three ancient novels: “Silly Wife Farming”, “Dumb Wife Farming”, “Abandoned Woman Farming”

Today xiaobian to book fans recommend some good novels, to solve the small fans of confusion, minutes to let the small fans see addiction don’t sleep!Good words remember to collect attention yo, xiaobian will always be here with you!Recommend jiang tea tea three ancient words novel: “silly wife farming” “dumb wife farming” “abandoned woman farming” the first book: “silly wife farming” author: Jiang tea tea wonderful excerpt priority: Luo Sang gaped at Zheng Qiliang, there are so many people around it, Zheng Qiliang how so enthusiastic about this kind of thing?Zheng Qinian see los type this expression, what her heart had to guess, and leaning forward, and whispered: “type petticoats, you see a pollution-producing heavy small flowers, she just married three months there will be a good news, you see we are the middle child grow more handsome, we type type also grow so good-looking, born child is a good way in the future.When you have kids, the penis will be devoted to you.”Luo Sang a face vaguely understand looked at Zheng Qiniang, Zheng Qiniang thought luo Sang did not understand, simply took luo Sang arm, a face mysterious way: “you can’t sleep with him separately at night, know??””I always sleep with my second brother at night.”Luo Sang silly way, when talking eyes still look at xiao town there.Just xiao town also looked over, see Luo Sang face with a silly nong general smile, xiao town threw down things, walked over to Luo Sang.”Mother, let her be here by herself. She won’t run.”Xiao zhen walked to this woman and daughter-in-law said in front of the two, when talking, eyes looked down at Luo Sang, Luo Sang is looking up the head, that deer eyes are rumbling lu looked at him, eyes full of joy.”Two elder brother, niang said to me to give birth to your baby.”Luo Chang see xiao town also looked down at her, she smiled hey hey pulled xiao town clothes, face not heart not jump said.Ouch!How do you want to give birth to monkeys in Xiao Town?”Oh, second, niang is also for you ah, you see your eldest brother married for several years have no children, this if you have no, niang and your father also look forward to grandchildren!”Zheng Qiniang a face of difficult way.”The baby will wait. She is very weak now.”Xiao zhen shook his head, is serious and cold between eyebrows.”Oh, if only you had the heart.”Zheng Qiniang saw his face cold, also know not to force too hasty.”Mother, aren’t you afraid that the fool will have a fool’s child?”Wang Zhen heard several people’s words, she leaned forward, smiling way.”It’ll be a ruin for a man as good as that, to have more stupid children.”Wang Zhen to the child this topic taboo of very, her vision all followed sharp rise.Xiao Zhen at the time of hearing Wang Zhen’s words, between the eyebrows of the cold more dignified.”What are they all doing here?Can’t you see the shingles haven’t been replaced yet?Two, you can use the family cart to pull some watts and pick up some stuff.”Xiao Liang saw a few people together also do not work, not in a good mood toward Xiao Zhen road.Priority: Song Yao felt that she had nothing else to do but look at him like this. As she looked at him, Shen An suddenly turned around and came over to Song Yao.Song Yao was startled by his movements, subconsciously body to the back of the couch shrink.”You……Don’t be afraid of me! ‘He said very little, and it was his wife in front of him. Shen Ann thought about it and tried not to sound too scary.”My name is Shen ‘an, and I am your man. As for Zhuang Zhuang, although he is not my own son, he is my own son in my eyes. I hope that you can treat him well.”Shen an said this, her eyes still on Song Yao’s eyes.In fact, in addition to the name, the rest, for Song Yao, said and said no difference, although she does not believe in life, can see the child, the kind of inexplicable warmth, let her is very like, moreover, through this kind of thing she has been able to accept, a child, and what can not accept.”Good!”Song Yao nodded and wrote a good word on the ground with a branch.”You can write?”Shen an was obviously a little surprised by this discovery.Song Yao continued to nod, but in the heart of doubt: this seems not what rare is the matter?”That……Can you remember the past?”Shen an also wanted to know where her hometown was and whether she had any relatives at home. Although she had said that she had neither father nor mother, she could not always believe her words.’I can’t remember!Song Yao simply squatted on the ground to write up.While Shen an was thinking, she wrote another sentence: “What is my name?”Seeing this, Shen Ann knew that she did not know anything.Thinking of this, he could not help feeling pity for her, and then he told her what had happened before.After Shen an finished, Song Yao’s face did not have any expression.He thought for a moment, then looked song Yao straight in the eyes and said in a sincere tone, “You have seen the conditions of the home, but fortunately, the family’s previous debts have been paid off. In the future, I will work hard to make you and Zhuang Zhuang live a good life.”A series of things happened today is too much, but in this messy, song Yao in the face of this pair of eyes full of commitment, the heart did not hesitate.She nodded and answered.Because of her nod, the dark handsome face in front of him suddenly brightened up, his lips hook up, his eyes more and more closely staring at her, the distance between them is very short, so that you can feel each other’s breath.Such a scene, after all, or let her red tips.Good spineless, the first day was seduced, this man, in the end does not know what he looks like?Priority: “dear child, you go to play with small black first, the mother finish these young children to cook for you.”Chen Anan say that finish, baji kiss son one mouthful, this just continue to get.Ning Bao was sitting in front of the house with a small bench, playing with Xiao Hei.Chen Anan finally finished his work and went to kill the rabbit.In a previous life, her family planted a large orchard in the field. When the apples were about to be ripe, rabbits always came to steal the apples that fell down. Her father put a lot of traps for catching rabbits in the garden, so she also learned the skill of picking up rabbits.Chen Anan’s body is petite, but do things to be agile, three rabbits were soon picked up by her, the two with salt salted, the last one cut some meat left, it will be the rest of the pot boiled up.”Dear, why do you have to cut that meat, it’s not good?”Ning Bao stared at the meat with a puzzled look, not understanding Chen Anan’s intention.”These are good meat, mother will make dumplings for you at night, ok?”Chen an an laughed.”Really?”The little boy was always calm, but his eyes lit up when he heard the dumplings.”Really, but Ningbao needs to accompany his mother to the mountain again this afternoon.”This mountain has blood more strange things, can turn a head to think, his crossing to this is already the most strange things, however, at this time Chen Anan did not think, her strange life this has just begun.”Hooray, hooray.”These days have Chen Anan always protect, Ning Bao’s temper gradually subsided quiet, more lively up.Mother and son ate a lot of rabbit meat at noon, the great hero xiao Hei can also eat stomach round.After cleaning up, Ning Bao was Chen Anan rushed to bed to sleep, Chen Anan sat in the kang seam.Buy cloth ready clothes last time, but also the remaining piece, modest, an-an Chen thought, NingBao is a to follow his way up the hill these days, just sew a little with the cloth bag, because just like a blue cloth, so modern an-an Chen also didn’t do that kind of backpack, do a simple little bag, belt is very short, can make bag on her chest,And then in the inside very carefully sewed a few small pocket.By the time the package was completed, Ning Bao had already taken a nap.(Click below to read it for free.) 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