Qingzhou New Year wonderful pageantry friends from all over the country have come

Qingzhou holidays pomp floating in the air of the city that never sleeps wonderful performance took dance dance around with elegant dancers pinglan lyrics of li qingzhao three-color light dancing little sister hot cut in Pisces the bottle of “charge” light “daruma” waiting for you to hand in nanyang river harbinger AAAAA ancient city of qingzhou city miles long red light hanging high, find Tong Tong day,Have your most beautiful Chinese year here.The New Year is always running to meet people’s smiling faces every moment is a different style.Cotton candy windmill gently shook his childhood time with the taste of childhood snow and ice Place more ice, snow, skiing, play in the snow, play snow from here to let you enjoy the carnival qingzhou bestowed ice climbing mountain landscape design in shandong province qingzhou camel mountain ski resort there are larger scale, advanced facilities, services, a complete project on comprehensive winter the town of qingzhou king grave Lord play snow park visitors make merry,Enjoy it.Warmly welcome friends from all over the country!

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