After the holiday, Hainan tourism market continues to hot zhengzhou into a hot source of tourists in Hainan

“I didn’t expect hainan to be so hot after the Spring Festival holiday, not only the villa room of westin Wanning Hotel was full for a week, but also the duty-free shop in Sanya, Sanya and Wanning restaurants were lined up.”Mr. Cattle citizens straight after the festival of Hainan tourism “fried fried”.It is understood that since the Spring Festival this year, hainan tourism market ushered in a wave of recovery.Data show that since February 7, sanya city hotel occupancy rate reached more than 90%, many hotels appear full momentum.Data from Flying Pig show that after the Spring Festival holiday, the volume and price of hainan’s tourism market rose, and the heat did not decrease.Nearly a week, Sanya, Wanning, Lingshui, Wenchang and other cities hotel bookings increased by about 30% year on year, and the average consumption amount also increased by 10%-30% in different proportions.Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, Dadonghai and other high star hotels in the business circle are more popular, many high star resort hotels continue to be full.In order to grasp the opportunity of the holiday consumption season, online travel platforms and travel businesses provide more affordable travel products in view of the new changes in people’s consumption habits.In view of the market situation that hainan tourism is more popular after the holiday, Feizhu launched the special promotion activity of off-peak tour in Hainan, covering hundreds of hotels in sanya, Lingshui, Wanning and other popular cities.A person in charge of the Sanya Hotel Industry Association said that during the Spring Festival holiday this year, Hainan actively implemented regular epidemic prevention and control measures, and the tourism market recovered strongly.From the seventh to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, sanya hotel industry, represented by Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, Dadonghai, continues to be hot, occupancy rate maintained at more than 85%, the hotel industry is expected to continue good business performance after the Spring Festival.Compared with the long advance booking cycle in previous years, this year’s hotel booking cycle is getting shorter and shorter.The continuous development of the free trade port also drives the growth of tourism in Hainan. The accommodation business keeps improving the quality of products and enriching the entertainment experience, so as to fully release the holiday demand of consumers.In terms of regions, the popular tourist sources of post-holiday staggered tourism in Hainan are mainly in central China, East China and southwest China.Three out of 10 tourists to Hainan come from central China and three from east China.In terms of tourist origin, chengdu ranked first, followed by Shanghai, Beijing, wuhan and chongqing and changsha, zhengzhou ranked seventh, and nanjing, hangzhou and Harbin ranked TOP10.It is understood that after the holiday, most of the tourists are families, parents and friends, many parents rush to play with their children before the school starts, and many migrant workers come to Hainan to escape the cold vacation.From the transportation mode, off the plane, car rental self-driving travel has become a hot choice for consumers.Feizhu data shows that after the Spring Festival holiday, car rental bookings in sanya, Wanning, Lingshui, Haikou and other cities increased by more than 10 times year-on-year.In addition to visiting scenic spots, buying duty-free goods and eating delicious food, popular water sports such as surfing and diving have become very popular among young people driven by the Winter Olympics.Many tourists say that they can experience the popular water games more immersed in hainan’s Spring Festival tourism peak. After this festival, they specially come to Lingshui surfing to experience the fun of riding the wind and waves.(Cheng Yan, Zhengguan News Reporter)

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