With vigorous efforts, the Chinese economy is moving forward steadily

Rain season, spring pipe is busy.In the garden east family farm of Jiahou Village, Changdang Town, Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province, the machine is humming, and the plant protection machine is fertilizing in the wheat field of more than 800 mu.Ding Yuandong, head of the farm, looked at the fields with a smile: “Wheat is growing well this year, and the yield per mu is expected to exceed 1,100 jin.”From fields to project sites, from shopping malls and supermarkets to factory workshops, from coastal ports to inland ports, China is full of vitality. More than 1.4 billion Chinese people have made great efforts.Superposition of outbreaks over the past year, century change in one hundred, China has always firmly do their thing, and epidemic prevention and control to keep the world’s leading economic development, economic and social development of the main anticipated goal of full implementation, the total gross domestic product (GDP) and new breakthrough in the level of GDP per capita, steadily push forward high quality development, showing “difference”.In the beginning of the year, Hisense Video Technology Co., Ltd. had good news: officially released the independently developed 8K AI picture quality chip. In January, hisense TV retail volume and retail market share reached 22.2% and 24.3% respectively.Li Wei, assistant vice president of Hisense Video and general manager of hisense Manufacturing Center, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company has continued to increase investment in RESEARCH and development, and a number of powerful new products have been popular in both domestic and overseas markets, despite many difficulties in operation.The joy of business development is a vivid portrayal of the strong resilience of the Chinese economy.Over the past year, in the face of complex domestic and international situations and various risks and challenges, the whole nation has braced with one heart and forged ahead. We have written the hard-won opening text of the 14th Five-year Plan.In 2021, China’s GDP grew by 8.1% from the previous year, one of the fastest among major economies in the world.China’s GDP exceeded 110 trillion yuan, accounting for over 18% of the global economy.Per capita GDP exceeded us $12,000, close to the threshold set by the World Bank for high-income economies.China ranks no. 1 in trade in goods and foreign exchange reserves, and no. 2 in trade in services, outbound investment and the consumer market. China’s contribution to world economic growth is estimated to be around 25%…The national economy continued to recover, and China’s overall national strength, productive forces and international influence increased.In 2021, the added value of high-tech manufacturing above designated size increased by 18.2 percent over the previous year, 8.6 percentage points faster than that of industries above designated size.The number of express deliveries reached 108.3 billion, up 29.9 percent from the previous year, accounting for more than half of the world’s parcels.Online retail sales of physical goods increased by 12%, accounting for 24.5% of total retail sales of consumer goods…We worked hard to improve the quality and efficiency of development, and continued to unleash dynamism.In 2021, 12.69 million new urban jobs will be created;The cpi rose by 0.9% over the previous year, lower than the target of around 3%.Per capita disposable income was 35,128 yuan, an increase of 8.1% in real terms over the previous year and basically keeping pace with economic growth.Per capita income from policy-based living subsidies rose 14.6 percent over the previous year, and per capita medical expenses reimbursed rose 21.1 percent…We will increase investment in people’s wellbeing, and ensure their happiness, sense of gain, and sense of security.We have entered a new stage of development. Profound changes in the domestic and international environment have brought both new opportunities and new challenges.Facing the “crisis” and “opportunity”, the majority of market players have taken the initiative to seek change, actively respond to the crisis, strive to develop opportunities in a changing situation, open a new bureau.In the production base of Apt Lighting Appliance Co., LTD., Yiwu, Zhejiang province, more than ten production lines are in full operation, and nearly 100,000 LED products are loaded and unloaded every day and sent to all parts of the country.Huang Yunlong, chairman of the company, said: “Due to the repeated impact of the epidemic, the company once experienced a sharp decline in orders, but through continuous expansion of online sales channels, the business is getting better and better.”In the past six months, Apt has increased manpower and investment in live broadcasting. Huang Yunlong insists on going to the field every day and broadcasting the team until midnight.In his opinion, “The Chinese market is so big, as long as you work hard, there will be no worry about development.We are prepared to invest more in the future.”The change of enterprise management reflects the change of economic development.As China moves from a stage of high-speed growth to a stage of high-quality development, new forms and models of business are emerging, and industrial transformation and upgrading are taking off. New drivers of economic development are surging.Recently, the local two sessions have been held, “high-quality development” is the key word.Tianjin proposed to speed up the green and low-carbon energy transformation, and promote the construction of “dual carbon” power demonstration zone;Shanghai has put forward the “Shanghai Plan” to vigorously promote the three major industries of integrated circuits, biomedicine and artificial intelligence.Anhui proposes to establish about 80 state-level specialized and special “little giant” enterprises in 2022.”A number of specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises have emerged, bringing together the great vitality of innovation and creation.”Niu Nutao, head of the anhui Provincial Department of Economy and Information technology, said the next step would be to support more small and medium-sized enterprises to practice their “unique skills” and grow into “individual champions”.The hundreds of millions of market players are the source of power and vitality for the Chinese economy.Hydrogen power, 5G technology, driverless cars…China Yituo Group Co., Ltd. continues to increase investment in innovation, and has participated in the research and development of China’s first unmanned tractor, the first 5G+ hydrogen fuel unmanned electric tractor and other products.”At present, the application effect of intelligent equipment developed by the company is good. Since last year, unmanned tractors have been promoted in sowing and paddy field preparation operations in many places.”China yituo technology related director Wang Dongqing said.Driven by technological innovation, China is forging ahead on the path of high-quality development.According to the 2021 Global Innovation Index report released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), China has risen to 12th place, ranking first among middle-income economies.2021 Whole society Research and Experimental Development (R&D) Investment reached 2,786.4 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2% over the previous year, or 4 percentage points faster than the previous year;The ratio of GDP to GDP reached 2.44%, 0.03 percentage points higher than the previous year.In 2022, The Chinese economy still needs to climb the hill and overcome difficulties.The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently released an update to its World Economic Outlook, predicting that the global economy will grow by 4.4 percent in 2022, 0.5 percentage points lower than its forecast in October last year.Earlier, the World Bank, the United Nations have lowered this year’s world economic growth forecast.Domestically, the economy is under triple pressure from shrinking demand, supply shock and weakening expectations, and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses are facing increasing difficulties.”To cope with mounting downward pressure on the economy, we need to ease the triple pressure, counter the economic cycle and adopt targeted policies and measures.”Ning Jizhe, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission, said the economy shrank by 6.8% in the first quarter of 2020, and grew by 18.3% in the first quarter of 2021, a “slope” that will hit a “bump” in 2022.A combination of cross-cyclical and counter-cyclical regulation will help smooth out economic fluctuations, avoid major ups and downs, keep the economy operating within a proper range, and improve the effectiveness of macroeconomic regulation.In Jinan, Shandong province, the jiluo Road tunnel project across the Yellow River is under construction, which is one of the projects shandong issued about 80 billion yuan of special bonds to invest in.Fan Yuntian, chief accountant of Jinan Urban Construction Group, said: “The special debt fund was timely put in place, leveraging 5 to 10 times the social investment, ensuring the smooth implementation of the project.”Since the beginning of this year, local governments have accelerated the issuance of new special bonds to ensure the construction of key projects and accelerate the formation of physical work.By the end of January, local governments had issued 484 billion yuan in new special bonds, or 33 percent of the new special debt quota for 2022.We gave top priority to ensuring stability and made progress while maintaining stability.We carried out infrastructure investment appropriately and ahead of schedule, and set an early limit for new special debt of 1.46 trillion yuan for 2022.We will take more targeted measures to cut taxes and fees for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, individual businesses, manufacturing and other key industries.From the beginning of this year, the implementation of the two direct tools of the Extension support tool for Small and Micro Enterprises and the credit loan support program for Small and Micro enterprises in Pratt & Whitney……From the central to the local, the appropriate policy force forward, stable macroeconomic market.In 2022, there are still many rapids and dangerous rapids on the road ahead. We need to face up to the difficulties and strengthen our confidence.”China’s development is highly resilient and has great potential,” Ning jizhe said. “The fundamentals of long-term sound economic growth, the trend of sustained and steady recovery, and the conditions for high-quality development have not changed. We have every confidence, capability and conditions to maintain sustained and sound economic development.”In 2022, we need to work together to achieve reasonable economic growth in quantity and steady improvement in quality.”In the face of a series of challenges, the Chinese economy has been resilient and moving forward, outpacing other major economies and becoming an important engine for the global economy under the impact of COVID-19.”Wong Tec-sang, a Political commentator in Singapore, said he believes China will maintain continuity, stability and sustainability of its macro policies and continue to contribute to world economic growth.Forge ahead of China, together to the future!Editor Liu Jiani

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