In 1983, a 17-year-old boy in Hunan province stole 1 billion national treasures and practiced bravery in a morgue

In the early 1970s, three tombs dating back to the Western Han Dynasty were excavated at Mawangdui in Changsha, Hunan province.Archaeological experts unearthed more than 3,000 antiques, including the silk yarn yarn of the Western Han Dynasty (han Dynasty), which is as thin as a bird’s wing.This discovery shocked the world.However, to everyone’s surprise, the clothes were stolen a few years ago.When the news came out, it scared a lot of people.The police tracked down the thief and finally caught him.What’s more, the thief who committed this audacious act was only a 17-year-old boy.Who is a teenager?How did he manage to steal such precious cultural relics?And why would he steal them?It all started in 1966.In 1966, xiangtan People’s Hospital gave birth to a baby boy.The boy’s mother was Named Xu Ruifeng and his father was named Li Guangrong.The arrival of the child, which brought more warmth to the family, also brought a problem — the couple had a disagreement on the name of the child.Li Is a math teacher at a high school, while Xu ruifeng is also a law teacher at a college. Both are educated and want to give their children a good name.After much thought, both of them had an idea, and neither of them would accept it.Finally li Guangrong succumbed and adopted the name “anti-imperialist”.Thought it was over, Xu Ruifeng began to make trouble again, said the child was born of her caesarean section bleeding, must be with her surname “Xu”.You take your mother’s name, too.But now the couple neither divorced, feelings are not much of a problem, let the child follow the mother’s surname, let Li Glory how to think?But after all, Xu Ruifeng pregnant October, as long as the husband and wife feelings are good, who followed the surname is not much event.The boy has since been named Xu Antiemperor, the boy mentioned in the opening paragraph.Born in such a scholarly family, the education that should be accepted is not to commit such a great event, what’s more, Xu Ruifeng is still a graduate of the law department, a teacher of the college of education.Why did the anti-imperialists commit such a big thing?Speaking of here, we have to talk about xu Ruifeng this person.It is easy to see from the foregoing that she is a strong and competitive person.After graduating from college, she set her heart on becoming a diplomat in Beijing.The unit arranges work for her several times successively, because does not accord with ideal, also did not go.Perhaps the life is not satisfactory, or it is the husband’s repeated forbearance, let Xu Ruifeng become very contradictory.And this kind of contradictory psychology, also showed in Xu anti – emperor body.No parent wants his child to succeed.On the problem of disciplining children, Xu Ruifeng is very strong, trying to control xu anti emperor, xu anti emperor everything must be done according to the requirements of Xu Ruifeng.But Li Rongguang, due to the poor family composition, did not have much say.But Xu Ruifeng has been longing for glory and wealth, perhaps it is such a contradiction, let Xu anti emperor later embarked on a road of no return.As a child, Xu Anti-emperor grew up under the “education” of his mother xu Ruifeng.This kind of almost “prison” growing up environment, let his heart rose a trace of unwilling.Depressed, uneasy, make it more pursuit of stimulation.Xu began to steal snacks and toys from nearby storefronts and, when he grew emboldened, even went to Hunan University to steal television sets.Xu Ruifeng knew this after the initial will say.As time went on, she felt that she didn’t have to go out to buy anything for her children to steal.Therefore, not only did he not teach his children, he even helped to store and sell stolen goods.Mother’s connivance, let Xu anti – emperor more bold.In 1983, Xu quit school voluntarily.The idea of doing something great came to him.What’s a big deal?At that time, Xu Heard that the museum had a woman’s corpse which could be identified as blood clots when unearthed. It was very scary, but it was very valuable.So I thought of stealing the plain yarn from the museum.It’s just that he’s 17, and he’s a little scared.To overcome his fear, he decided to go to the morgue to practice his courage.One young man, on his first night watching several dead bodies, was already in a cold sweat.But the pursuit of excitement since childhood, he quickly adapted to this atmosphere.The next day Xu Came to the morgue again. This time he dared to look directly at the dead bodies and even took the initiative to distinguish between men and women.By the third night, he was touching the body.In just three days, Xu overcome his fear perfectly.Bolder, more afraid to do things.Since then, he has studied the route, how to steal, and how to get out.Years of petty theft had made him overcome his nervousness.Besides this or steal museum, xu anti – emperor heart a burst of excitement.All of a sudden, the day came when the plan was put into effect.On the morning of October 22, 1983, Xu Entered the museum as usual for a normal visit and sightseeing. Soon after, he entered the museum toilet and opened the sealing hook of the toilet’s flap window.He walked out of the room and placed a ladder outside.When all was done, he went home.That night, he went into the museum in the dark, used a ladder to climb up the ventilated window, broke the glass and climbed into the exhibition hall.Then the theft began.Juvenile means some puerperous, stole 31 cultural relics as before however, include two element yarn among them (a 48g, a 49g).And this batch of stolen cultural relics, the initial estimate is at least one billion!The next morning, as soon as the staff opened the exhibition hall, they were completely shocked by what they saw.The floor was littered with shoeprints and broken display cases — the museum had been robbed!This is mawangdui unearthed cultural relics, the news, the whole country in an uproar.Immediately, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Culture, the Bureau of Cultural Heritage and other departments jointly set up a special case team.Superior order: deadline crack a case, recover cultural relic!Although the scene left a large number of crime traces, fingerprints, footprints and so on, can point to a specific group of people, but in the era without surveillance, it is not easy to solve the case (China introduced monitoring technology in 1987).Day by day, the case has not been solved.Looking at the TV, newspapers have reported this incident, Xu anti-emperor did not have the slightest fear, but for their own creation of such a big case and secretly pleased.But these days xu anti-imperialist behavior is extremely abnormal, Xu Ruifeng aware of the abnormality, which makes her heart more uneasy.She let her children off the hook for petty thieving all these years.If it’s something as big as stealing cultural relics, it’s over!One day, while Xu Antidi out, Xu Ruifeng walked into his room, rummaging up and down, really found under the bed with a lot of cultural relics in sacks.When she found out, she thought it was over.Three, doting as a professional law student, Xu Ruifeng knows how much his son committed.Rational let her know that surrender is the best choice, but emotional let her decide to repeat the wrong.On the ninth day of the attack, she put some of the cultural relics in a park next to the provincial museum, mailed some to the public security bureau and destroyed seven of them.Stolen cultural relics, and suddenly “fly” back, which let the police handling the case some scratching their heads.The truth only came to light when Xu was caught stealing from the museum and confessed.Xu Ruifeng is doing so, nothing more than to excuse his son.When the relics are returned, as long as the son is not arrested, no one will know about it.Within days, however, Xu was arrested by the police, not for this, but for another theft.After stealing these artifacts, he still felt unsatisfied and could not stop.So he began to steal.He was arrested and jailed shortly after the crime.After the trial, he confessed to stealing cultural relics this case.Since then, the case has been solved.Justice has long arms.After a trial, Xu was sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve for stealing important cultural relics.Xu ruifeng was sentenced to 15 years in prison for sheltering, harboring and destroying cultural relics.Think that’s the end of it?The story of Xu ruifeng’s “spoiling” is not over.After she went to prison, Xu ruifeng began writing letters to her son.In the letter, he sincerely hoped that he could actively accept the reform in prison and strive for a reduced sentence.Encouraged by his mother, Xu actively accepted the transformation.At this time in the prison outside li Glory did not give up his wife and children, will come to prison every month to visit.Buy books and materials for my son and fruit for my wife.After the disaster, the family seems to wake up and their relationship is much better than before.More gratifying is that, with good performance again and again, Xu Ruifeng, Xu Antidi have been reduced, xu Ruifeng parole in 1992, 1994 Xu Antidi parole.Return home, xu anti emperor is full of hope that can regain a new life, but I do not know another cage.Back home, the most he heard every day was his parents’ arguments.Say quarrel, but xu Ruifeng’s vexatious.From 1984 to prison, released from prison in 1992, Xu Ruifeng and Li Rongguang ten years did not live together, her heart always feel her husband out of the way, have done a lot of disloyal to her.Even if Li Rongguang denies again and again, she still takes pains to doubt, entanglement.The endless quarrel gave Xu the idea of going out to find something to do.Li rongguang is very supportive of this, after all, children have been disconnected from society for so many years, also should find something serious to do.But Xu Ruifeng does not agree, that he served many years, to adapt to a period of time.Even if Xu Ruifeng block, father and son still tried to find a lot of work, the community is actively helping.Without exception, every time by Xu Ruifeng “stir yellow.”It seemed that she intended to keep xu in control.This is a prison cage, xu anti – emperor wanted to escape, but always unable to escape.As time passed, he could only choose to “accept fate” and locked himself in his room from then on.Can lock in the house, really can get rid of the control of Xu Ruifeng?Obviously not.Gradually, he developed schizophrenia and was hospitalized for a time.On the medical record, he wrote “Lee Ming-de” in the name column.It was his last act of stubbornness, and a sign of rebellion against his mother.Xu Ruifeng where clear these, in her eyes, son must be in her “shelter”, to grow up a little.This was true when she was a child, and it was also true when she was in prison. It was her tireless efforts to “educate” her son that led to xu’s anti-imperialist status today.But she never wondered if Xu would accept all this.His mother’s paranoia made Xu lose the confidence to cast off the shackles.From now on more and more close, oneself that hut welded top iron door, do not wish to contact with the outside world again.Four, the tragedy of all this, Li Rongguang again chose to accept silently.It seems that since he married Xu Ruifeng, he has been in a state of “silent acceptance.”The name of the child, the growth of the child, and even the future of the child now, he has hardly a strong stand to say “no”!Xu Ruifeng paranoid, and Li Rongguang?Does he love the family?Love Xu anti-imperialist, love Xu Ruifeng?Judging by his behavior, he seems to love.After his wife and children went to prison one after another, he did not choose to remarry, but went to see them regularly every month.For ten years, rain or shine.Does such a man love his wife and children?Later Xu Ruifeng is released from prison, husband and wife two live again below same eave, reciting his meager retirement salary is supporting this home.Even though his wife made a daily quarrel, making the neighborhood uneasy and the neighbors gossiping, he was still the same.Even every day for Xu Ruifeng cooking, boiling water, as much as possible to take care of her.Isn’t it because of love?Even if the couple quarreled for most of their lives, Xu Ruifeng mentioned divorce again and again, Li Rongguang never agreed.Because of him, Xu Ruifeng was completely out of the rest of his life.He doesn’t seem to be shouldering his responsibilities as a father to his son.But doesn’t he want to be a good father?After Xu Anti-emperor was released from prison, in order to let his son and society, Li Rongguang ran countless units, looking for countless jobs.At that time, Li Rongguang, who was from a poor family, naturally felt “a head shorter” after being with Xu Ruifeng.Down to this family from beginning to end is Xu Ruifeng occupy strong, since then his spirit gradually by grinding flat, finally can protect this home as far as possible, at least guarding his wife and children peace.For him, living in peace is the best way to deal with it.And for Xu Ruifeng, repeated quarrel, in the name of love to control Xu anti-imperialist, is for what?In the eyes of her neighbors, she was almost a “mad old woman”.Every time I met someone, I would accuse her husband of being “unfaithful”, tell her of all these years of bitterness and concern for her son.But in the husband’s eyes, she all day vexatious, always have nothing to look for trouble.In his eyes, she’s the one who made him what he is.Even a good home, always separated by a few walls.Son and parents separated by an iron door, husband and wife separated by a heart door, so that the whole family is not peaceful.But from the beginning, she also wanted the home to be warm and happy.It’s just paranoia that ruins it all.No matter xu anti – imperialist growth stand or fall, in Xu Ruifeng seems to have become her “credit”.Looking back, perhaps the whole family has repented.Xu anti-emperor wants to be in line with the society, Li Guangrong disobeisance wife’s will again and again, and Xu Ruifeng also because of son that sentence “kill me” and alert.

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