Changping cool night scene online, atmosphere feeling pull full!

The Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics are quietly approaching, and the landscape lights in changping streets and lanes are also arranged in place to welcome the Winter Olympics and the Spring Festival with festive colors.To xiguan triangle park clock in dreamy and romantic light corridor Colorful corridor supporting dream of ice and snow and the New Year’s greeting Ice mound mound, snow melting lovely figure Lit the 2022 unique ice and snow the winter jasmine theme and the surrounding colorful tree lights, red lanterns mutual echo Together to create a new citizens new clockYuehui Vanke Square intersection northwest corner, the stadium park is also full of winter Olympics landmark city landscape all kinds of lights dotted with streets and lanes feel full of romantic flavor full of the flavor of the New Year passion ice and snow meet the festival of China’s Red Changping Winter Olympics landscape has been lit!Friends get ready to go out and take pictures

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