No penalty for jumping a red light

I believe you all know, run a red light, 6 minutes 200 dollars is gone.But in many cases, it is hard to avoid the car in front of us, distraction and other factors, leading to the mistake of running a red light, over the stop line to react to the situation, how to do?At this time there are a lot of car owners want to friends, a lot of people will think, I pressed the line back not on the line, anyway, I haven’t crossed the past.At this time, pay attention, never, never backtrack, as long as one action, the deduction of 6 points 200 can become only 50 yuan.Let the following small make up for everyone one by one decomposition.How does an electronic eye judge a red light violation?First of all, how is running a red light judged?Will be based on three photos: 1, respectively, the front wheel pressure stop line;2, the rear wheel pressure stop line 3, front wheel pressure opposite stop line.These are the only three pictures that make a red light.Do this action, can be deducted points, but there is a point must remember, do not cross the stop line after reversing, as long as you cross the stop line after stopping, will not be caught by the electronic eye, but you cross the stop line after reversing, will be regarded as running a red light behavior to be deducted 6 points fined 200 yuan.When the car owner friends stop the car directly on the stop line, or even on the zebra crossing, because the brake is late, we just need to stop the car immediately.Do not do any further operations, because at this point, if the driver tries to back or continue driving, the electronic eye will catch you and it will be considered as running a red light.Of course, although you crossed the stop line after the timely parking, traffic police will not deduct points, but was fined 50 yuan is unavoidable, after all, belongs to the violation of the parking.What to do in special cases?Driving on the road, it is inevitable to encounter some situations that can not see the red light, such as: when the line of sight by the big car, when the line of sight by the tree, or the problem of the signal system.As long as there is relevant evidence, it is good to appeal to cancel the violation, and then there is an emergency, such as a patient who needs emergency treatment on the bus, and when time is of the essence, who will consider the red light?At this time you need to open double flash, after the incident to explain the situation of the traffic police, under normal circumstances traffic police will cancel for you.If you run a red light by mistake, you can avoid being fined by standing still.It also ensures your safety on the road. Why not?But the owners of friends driving, must be focused, the stop should stop, do not wait until the red light to think that they are running a red light.After all, running a red light is a very dangerous thing in itself. If you turn sideways, your life may be in danger.Don’t run the red light, don’t rob the yellow light, for the safety of your own life and others, please drive carefully.

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