New Chapter | Secretary of Shinan District Party Committee: Write a new chapter of high-quality economic and social development of Shinan District

Peninsula all media reporter Wang Liping February 7, the first day of the year of the Tiger, Shinan District Party secretary Wang Feng presided over a special session of the district Party committee, shinan District on the 14th Party Congress report drafting work respectively to listen to the opinions and suggestions of the district leaders, experts and scholars and district departments directly concerned.In fact, during the Spring Festival, wang Feng, the newly appointed secretary of the South District Party Committee, did not have a free day. He visited the frontline workers on New Year’s Eve, visited the retired comrades on the first and second days of the New Year, visited the district’s 11 street offices on the third and fourth days of the New Year, held the meeting of the urban renewal and construction management headquarters, and the Special retreat meeting of the South District Party Committee…On February 7th, wang Feng, secretary of Shinan District Party Committee, stressed that drafting the report of the Party congress and drawing the blueprint for the next five years is crucial for opening the 14th Party Congress and promoting the high-quality development of Shinan District.We will thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and requirements for shandong and Qingdao, earnestly implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee and the requirements for the work of provincial party committees and Municipal Committees, pool wisdom, strengthen overall planning and scientific planning, and draft the report of the Party Congress with high quality.After listening carefully to the speech, Wang Feng said that the drafting group of the report should conscientiously summarize and integrate all kinds of opinions and suggestions, and study and absorb them in a scientific and reasonable way.Must adhere to the people as the center, in-depth analysis of the situation facing the districts, with people’s increasing needs as the guidance of a better life, a clear development ideas and key work in the next five years, to ensure the full and accurate report conform to the requirements of the spirit of the central and provincial party committee, municipal party committee, leading all the districts composed a new chapter in high quality economic and social development.On the morning of February 6th, Wang Feng, secretary of Shinan District Party Committee, presided over a meeting of urban renewal and construction management Headquarters to listen to the report on the work of the three-year critical action and arrange the next work.Wang Feng pointed out that the construction and management of urban renewal and three years crucial action is the vital interests of major engineering, and engineering of the people’s livelihood, in the various departments at all levels should improve stance, carry responsibility, seize opportunities to promote city quality and development level acceleration jumped, yong as the backbone of the urban renewal and construction management in the whole city area, the main positions, the vanguard.Wang Feng stressed that we should pay great attention to the construction of key projects, set up a project, engineering, inventory thinking, inverted schedule, wall chart operation, with the “start is hard work, start is sprint” working situation pressure to forge ahead, promote the work in the city to take the lead, walk in the forefront.We should further improve the operation mechanism of headquarters, strengthen overall leadership, and district-level leaders should command at the front line. We should encourage district headquarters, professional headquarters and functional departments to work together to overcome difficulties, provide support in terms of human resources, financial resources and policies, and carry out work in an efficient and orderly manner.We must adhere to the problem-oriented approach, dare to tackle the problems of urban construction and management, continue to improve the level of refinement of construction and management with embroidery efforts, focus on solving the problems of “blocking”, continue to tackle the phenomenon of “chaos”, and do a solid job of “beauty”.It is necessary to adhere to the people-centered principle, extensively absorb people’s opinions and suggestions in the process of planning, design and project promotion, continuously improve the work style and pay attention to the details of work, effectively regard people’s satisfaction as the basic standard for judging work, and constantly enhance the people’s sense of gain and happiness in urban environmental quality.Visit district 11 neighborhood offices, research situation street, visit the streets cadres February 3 solstice 4, southern district party committee secretary Wang Feng led to visit district 11 neighborhood offices, streets, see streets cadres, and to stick to a line of staff during the Spring Festival send New Year wishes, district party committee, deputy secretary of the week to visit.Wang Feng and his delegation inspected the office environment and facilities of each sub-district office, carefully understood the work situation of sub-district grassroots governance and epidemic prevention and control, inquired in detail about the difficulties and blocking points in the work, and put forward requirements for the next step.Wang feng stressed that streets are the basic unit of urban governance, and the effectiveness of street work is related to the improvement of social stability and residents’ happiness index, as well as the modernization of grassroots social governance system and governance capacity.We should adhere to the leadership of party construction, continue to strengthen the style and team construction, comprehensively enhance the ability level of the street Party Working Committee to grasp the party construction, grasp the governance, grasp the service, with stronger executive power, more excellent style to pay close attention to work implementation.We need to comprehensively improve the level of refinement in community-level governance, and make new, solid and hard recruitment for enterprise services, urban management, and protection and development of historic urban areas, so as to ensure high-quality services for the economic and social development of the region.We need to put people first, take the needs of the people as our guide, strengthen our sense of responsibility, take a proactive approach, implement all measures to improve people’s wellbeing, and get through the “last mile” of serving the people.It is necessary to strengthen the bottom-line thinking and awareness of potential dangers, spare no effort to do key work such as epidemic prevention and control, social stability, production safety and vaccination, eliminate all kinds of safety risks, and ensure that the people of the region have a safe, peaceful and happy Spring Festival.On February 1st and 2nd, the first and second days of the Chinese New Year, Wang Feng led a team to visit retired comrades and send them holiday greetings and New Year’s greetings.On January 31, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Wang Feng led a team to visit the cadres and workers working in the front line during the Spring Festival, and extended New Year’s greetings to them.

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