Why did the love of the Song Dynasty, once a golden couple, come to this step

A good marriage is a lifetime of happiness, an unhappy marriage is a lifetime of pain.There are many marriages in the star circle due to drama, but few can last for a long time, such as the marriage of the Song Dynasty.When “Descendants of the Sun” was broadcast, it earned a lot of young men and women’s tears of love, the leading actor Song Joong-ki and the leading actress Song Hye-kyo were also considered to be the golden couple, standing together very good, let the fans call together.The love between the two extended beyond the show, as they not only got together but also got married in real life, which made Internet users eat dog food.Unfortunately, such happiness did not last long. They got married in 2017 and divorced in 2019. Fans thought it was a lifetime marriage between Song Dynasty and Song Dynasty, and the love between princess and Prince Charming was just a fantasy.The story of Cinderella in the fairy tale makes people envy, in real life, there will be several Cinderella dreams come true, and prince Charming together is bound to be the princess of the same family.Song Hye-kyo was like Cinderella in a fairy tale when she was young. Her parents broke up when she was 10 years old, and she had to live with her mother since then.The influence of family environment also created her lack of sense of security, very want to make a career to get ahead.On the contrary, Song Joong-ki has a privileged family life since childhood, and his parents are extremely fond of him. Different family environments have a great influence on his children.Two people become attached to each other because of play, produced the spark of love, but arrive after all nevertheless of the life do not destroy with the contradiction between.Later the divorce event is also a boiling public, shocked the entire entertainment circle, once lived together the house said to be pushed down, feelings said to be scattered, not to give each other a decent break up, Song Joong-ki’s approach caused a wave of netizens unhappy.On the other hand, song Hye-kyo did not make the same behavior as the man, and did not make too much explanation, after all, there are a lot of people chasing the goddess.Acting and life is still different, no matter how happy in the play is also a play, one day will be broken.Marriage is a learning subject, just as qian Zhongshu said in “Fortress Besieged” : People in the city want to get out, people outside the city want to get in, so is marriage.No matter the relationship between The song dynasty and ordinary people, we need to manage it well.Two people together is not just a cohabitation so simple, but as a lifelong partner, spend time years.

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