Not in middle age?Zhang Junning Dong Jie teach you mature wear, black and white can easily control

Want to learn more wonderful content, quick to pay close attention to day fruit era fashion women, even if the middle-aged women choose to wear also very exquisite design feeling, hope show distinctive point increase on the vision sense of individuality, so both daily private servers in the sheet is tasted collocation and modelling of the event, will notice the advanced unique design of the item.Figure maintains good can increase the advanced feeling that wear build, although slightly upper age can reveal fashionable individual character as before, still can do not break elegant intellectual female glamour at the same time.Middle-aged people do not want to wear too old, follow Zhang Junning and Dong Jie learn to wear, let you become a mature queen, easily control royal sister fan.Modelling analysis loesch ning satisafied with each have each beautiful, one black one white show elegant atmosphere, showed the mature feminine flavour of middle-aged women, loesch ning using hang chinese-style chest covering top of neck type design increased the dress watch, and the lower half broken flower skirt common body, the coordination on colour collocation, and balance on the style design, a numerous a brief a deep a shallow make dresses more atmosphere,Dong Jie’s spiral cake dress is very girlish, although the color is dark but the style is very ladylike, while the tulle design adds a light and elegant femininity.Skirt collocation can always be more perfect to show the beauty of middle-aged women, elegant and intellectual, mature sexy, youth age reduction all kinds of styles, to meet the taste of more women.Different styles the same personality although Zhang Junning and Dong Jie chose different designs of dresses, but the choice of both dresses in the style design, have increased the unique personality of the visual effect, whether it is the neck design to show the perfect right shoulder, or spiral cake skirt design, have increased the visual aspect of the gift dress,Although the two dresses are different in design, they both use the same wearing skills to increase the personality aesthetic and make the overall shape more eye-catching.No matter black or white items are common in middle-aged women’s clothes, they will not be too eye-catching and difficult to handle, nor will they make the clothes too ordinary and not advanced, so Zhang Junning splicing white and dark blue to show a sense of maturity, while Dong Jie directly chose the overall black dress to highlight the royal sister style.Black and white is easier to handle, so it is common for mature women to wear clothes, showing feminine charm and not easy to make mistakes, to avoid the look of nonconforming or vulgar.Showing skin slightly more advanced loesch ning using hanging neck showed superior neck line type design, make itself a predominance of women modelling is more advanced, and satisafied choose dress is a bit poor, more square itself face and the neck line is not highlighted, but chose the high collar design seem burdensome, but showing skin using split skirt increased the hook,To show off your figure, show off your skin slightly, and this is a great way to dress for middle-aged women.The gauze that skirt places A design to increase clever Dong Jie chooses pledges pledges to add lotus leaf at the same time, increased integral modelling clever elegant temperament, and zhang Junning’s skirt places to use A word to increase proportion of lower half body, elongate leg is long, at the same time take drape design to increase skirt outfit clever, see more attractive more, showed modelling clever woman flavour.The skirt is the most visually able to show the beauty and femininity of women, so both mature and young women like to wear skirt.Middle-aged women don’t wear clothes for fear of looking old?Follow female star to learn to wear build skill, although cannot choose same paragraph sheet to taste, but the dress that shows in fashionable modelling can show the advanced feeling that wear build however, so private dress is worn in joining skirt outfit to be able to show mature woman flavour to the maximum however.Well, I am every day, thank you so good-looking also come to see my article, the above is the collocation of this issue to share!The content is based on the analysis of fashion wear, not for commercial purposes, the pictures are from the network, if there is an infringement to delete the picture sorry.

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