Knowledge is skill, degree is stepping stone, contacts are very important

Some people say that “reading can change the fate, at least can change the fate of most people.” Do you agree with this statement?To do engineering, no knowledge, really not.I am in sina forum, see a biggest joke is: Li Ka-shing does not read.It is true that Li Ka-shing did not have much school experience, but Li is the son of a teacher, and Li has strong self-learning ability.Li Ka-shing is proficient in all kinds of accounting methods, and master a variety of languages, not the general meat vendors, vegetable vendors comparable.Li ka-shing has supported many secondary schools in Guangdong, and he also donated money to establish Shantou University and Guangdong Israel College.It can be said that li ka-shing attaches great importance to education, he is also to self-study, but was born in old China, shuddering period, li ka-shing was born 28 years, his childhood in the 30 s and 40 s youth, is an age of chaos, but li ka-shing’s self-study ability is strong, he can learn a lot of people in the classroom can’t learn knowledge.College students selling pork and elementary students selling pork, the profit may be similar.Of course, the economics department of college students selling pork and selling computers, there is no difference.However, to do engineering, no knowledge, really not.A doctor should know what a drug is for, and an architect should know how to look at drawings, formulas for calculating area and volume.Even a small realtor can’t look at blueprints.Some people complain that they have done nothing but read thousands of books.Reading is like life, choice is very important.My top netizen Teacher Chang (Lao Chang often talks about education) told me that students should know how to choose schools, but also how to choose majors.Good schools have good major, good major has good contacts, this is the premise of success.I remember last year, I made a micro headline about Pang Zhonghua teacher, in that micro headline, a bunch of comments, are recommended to me online famous calligrapher.Net red calligrapher only care about their own fame, I worship net red calligrapher as a teacher, net red calligrapher’s network can help me succeed?Of course not.The network of Internet celebrity calligraphers is used to hype themselves.Similarly, Ouyang Zhongshi’s ancient and strange calligraphy is not liked by some people, and people are used to appreciating some dignified and beautiful fonts.In fact, whether Ouyang zhongshi or Pang Zhonghua, their connections can help their students succeed.Most importantly, neither Pang zhonghua nor Ouyang Zhongshi requires students to make copiers.Similarly, many Taiwanese singers have received advice from Master Jonathan Lee.Jonathan Lee’s big mind and connections can help his protege become a superstar singer.Good schools have good majors, good majors establish good contacts, good contacts are the starting point of success.Some people study for many years, but accomplish nothing, this is also related to choice.With the progress of society, read more books, read useful books first, or the call of The Times.Without some education, it is impossible to carry out big projects. The society needs vegetable peddlers, meat peddlers, and people who can do projects. People who can do projects can push the society forward.

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