January 2022 in Hong Kong was unusually warm with little rain

Hong Kong, China News Service, February 7January 2022 in Hong Kong was much warmer than normal, as the northeast monsoon along the south China Coast was weaker than normal for most of the month, according to statistics released by the Hong Kong Observatory on Monday.The monthly mean minimum temperature and mean temperature were 16.5 ° C and 18.0 ° C, 1.9 ° C and 1.5 ° C above normal, respectively, making them the fourth and fifth highest January temperatures on record.The temperature recorded by the Hong Kong Observatory on the afternoon of 5 and 6 January rose to 23.6 degrees, the highest for the whole month.Due to a cloud band covering South China, there will be more clouds from January 9 to 10.With the arrival of a new northeast monsoon, the weather was cooler in the morning and there were a few showers on 11 January.Due to the influence of the cloud band covering the coast of Guangdong, it became generally cloudy on Jan 12-13.Under the influence of a clear to strong easterly airstream, cloudy conditions and poor visibility were observed in some areas on 14 January and the following morning.On January 15-16, easterly flow gradually eased, with sunshine during part of the day.The month was also wetter than normal, with total rainfall of 4.1 millimetres, about 12% of the normal 33.2 millimetres.Under the influence of a clear to strong easterly current, it will be mainly cloudy with a few showers from 21 to 23 January.Under the influence of the northeast monsoon, January 24 remained generally cloudy with a few showers and mist.Under the influence of a clear easterly airstream, it was mainly cloudy from 25 to 29 January with brief periods of sunshine and a few showers.A cold front crossed the coastal areas of Guangdong in the evening of 29 January. Under the influence of its associated winter monsoon, the weather turned cold and partly sunny on 30 January.The temperature recorded at the Hong Kong Observatory fell to 13.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest of the month.Edit: Popcorn source: Chinanews.com

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