Dalian people club great news!Wang Jianlin said: firmly support the development of dalian football!

After dalian team was relegated to China’s first division, the fans have been wondering what the future of Dalian club will be.In fact, even the dalian players, staff, also do not know what the future will be.On February 9th the big news finally came.Dalian media reported that the football issue was also raised during a working exchange between dalian city leaders and Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group.He said that dalian will firmly support the development of football in accordance with the consensus of both sides.The expansion dalian people team has been in an unstable state since rushing to surpass.The team was handed over to the administration of sports. Soon, Wanda came to the front and introduced carrasco, Gaitan, Fonte and other big-name foreign aid for the team.Wanda then issued a statement on New Year’s Day saying it could not support the club in its original way.In the future, Dalian team sent away rafa Benitez, Hamsik, Long Dong and other big-name foreign teachers, foreign aid, to the low-cost mode of operation.The final relegation of Dalian last season, although there are mistakes in the specific operation of the club, coach Jose exposed shortcomings in the process of coaching and other factors, but on the whole, there is a direct relationship with the development direction is not clear.Now, at last, the situation is clear!Dalian, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) — Major leaders of Dalian held a working exchange with Wang Jianlin, chairman of Wanda Group, in Dalian on strengthening project docking and deepening practical cooperation, dalian media reported.Major leaders of Dalian city hope that Wanda can give full play to its advantages and increase the investment layout in Dalian. Wang jianlin said that Wanda is willing to work with Dalian to expand the industrial layout in Dalian, speed up the construction of key projects, and firmly support the development of Dalian football industry in accordance with the consensus of both sides.As we all know, for dalian team, as long as the stability, return to the Super league is not how difficult.Now Wang Jianlin made a statement, dalian team bright future prospects!

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