Awsl, xiao Zhanreba Yang Yang is what “evil” ah?The poems of Du Fu and Li Bai are perfect for them

On February 2, the annual online audiovisual ceremony came as expected.Among them, “Yangdi CP” looks into each other’s eyes, successfully making the audience can not take their eyes off.Reba’s right shoulder, Yang Yang’s billiard ball, and Xiao Zhan’s thin waist make many people call that kind of secular desire.Hot ba temperament, who does not say a must?That night, dressed in bright star river dress hot ba, clear clever people, like the game of the world mermaid princess, right Angle shoulder is more bright eyes.That is to say, reba is worthy of a word: “absolutely!””The Book of Songs · Wei Feng · Shuren”, once said: “the hands such as genti, skin such as fat, collar such as 蝤蛴, tooth such as bottle gourd, 螓 first moth eyebrow, qianchi Xi, beautiful.”It’s no exaggeration to put that on Reba.With a charming smile and a haunting glance, that was dilieba!When singing with Yang Yang, in addition to “Yang Di CP” hit the hot search, let the netizens indulge in their eyes, reba and Yang Yang’s manners, let me envy.In recent years, the temperament of reba is more and more changeable, mature sexy, pure clever, gentle atmosphere can control the style.The posture of singing on the stage reminds me of a sentence in “Ode to the Goddess of Luo” : “Beautiful and elegant, quiet and leisure. Gentle and affectionate, seducing language.”Temperament is changeable, it is good for actors, can control the role more diverse.In the future, I hope reba can continue to devote herself to acting, and take more good scripts to bring more excellent works to the audience.Yang Yang is one of my favorite actors recently.In “Tour of Youth 3”, he and Fan Chengcheng jia Ling laugh interaction, brother-sister friendship, let me see Yang Yang’s humorous side.But the humor didn’t hide his deadly good looks, and his angular face, too modeled!Since then to see the total ba love novels, the male face can be infinite generation into Yang Yang.Especially when I was playing billiards in a suit, I felt deeply the amazing scene in Li Bai’s Luoyang Mo: “Bai Yu who Jia Lang returned to Tianjin, watched the flowers on the east stranger, shocked luoyang people”.This face, please act more!3, Xiao Zhan: natural and handsome young temperament out of the dust Xiao Zhan’s small waist, too let a person have that kind of secular desire!The whole person to that station, like a magnet, let people think too late to close to him have him.As for xiao Zhan’s temperament, I think du Fu’s two sentences in the song of the Eight Immortalities in drinking match him very well: “Look at the sky with my crystal glasses, and my bright rays are like jade trees facing the wind.”Xiao Zhan, who has a natural and unrestrained manner, has a changeable temperament, either forthright and elegant, or elegant and romantic, or youthful and lively.But no matter which style, it all comes from Xiao zhan’s own bearing and temperament.And the nurturance of good temperament and manners benefits from Xiao Zhan’s extreme self-discipline.It is not a lie that self-discipline enables people to go higher and farther.People often say, from the appearance level, trapped in talent, loyal to character.No matter reba Yangyang or # Xiao Zhan, their increasing popularity is inseparable from their self-discipline and efforts.These three have a common character: all have been criticized as vase not acting, but now with their own efforts, step by step to get the audience’s recognition.Actors, fight to the end depends on the role.In the future, I hope the three will continue to succumb to their acting skills, constantly improve their acting skills and lines, carefully select scripts, and win more applause and recognition from the audience by strength.Pay attention to me, see more movie star interesting thing good guy!Bai Jingting’s latest interview, the amount of information is so big!This life is to rely on the well Boran bar world sober Liu Yifei!Talk about the standard of beauty hit the nail on the head, Guo Degang: what the artist spells is cultural scene sweet three views follow five features to run?Will Xiao Zhan be welcome as a cook?That kitchen overlord is not bragging, teammates praise delicious

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